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Radicalised French Teen Muslims Burn Bus and Scream Allahu Ahkbar 

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor Muslims Burn Bus in France How about a great, random article to get the mood started before jumping into the topic at hand. Focusing on the Fear Factor Will Always Lead To Losses. Therefore, do not focus on the fear factor, but try to direct your attention to the … Read more

British lawmaker shot dead Before EU referendum

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor British lawmaker shot dead Before EU referendum –  Coincidence or ? We thought based on your interests that you would find this article to be interesting before we got into the meat of the topic at hand. Forever Quantitative Easing is here to stay and this means until it … Read more

More ISIS Attacks In West Likely

More ISIS Attacks In West Likely The “caliphate” may be in ruins, but that doesn’t mean ISIS is gone forever. Terror attacks are likely to increase in 2018, as the destruction of the Islamic State’s physical stronghold in Iraq and Syria will strengthen its will to strike out abroad, experts say. “ISIS will want to show that they are … Read more

Syria War News: It Is All About Blood, Guns & Money

Syria War News There is no doubt that war generates big profits and the US appears to have engineered this war in Syria to provide large arms companies with lucrative new markets.  As a result of the Syrian war, a new Middle- East Arms Race has been set in motion. Some estimates suggest north of … Read more

The Real News: the Story Behind The Story

Real news minus the propaganda angle  What is real news?  Today we live in a World where most of the news we receive is not about what is going on in the world, but more about what sells. In other words, sensationalism, and lies are sexy, so that is the theme.  Make it dramatic even … Read more

China Rewards Moderate Muslims & Harshly Punishes Radicals

Does China treat all Muslims badly?   According to Al Jezzera, the answer appears to be no; they seem to deal very harshly with radicals and implement laws that are meant to send a message to the radicals.  The Hui Muslims are treated fairly, no bans are placed on them, and they live in harmony … Read more

Putin strikes, Iran Joins and Russia & U.S blunders

Putin’s Airstrikes on Syria Are Not What You Think Since Russian President Vladamir Putin began his military air campaign in Syria last week, Western media has been clamouring to explain his motivation. Most of the analysis so far has been incomplete or half-baked at best. News agencies today are detached from the idea that in-depth … Read more

Putin’s holy war versus Jihadists & Syrian rebels destroyed

Putin’s Holy War vs. Obama’s Jihad in Syria The Christian Orthodox Church, which holds an important place in an insurgent Russia, has described its government’s fight against the Islamic State and other jihadi opposition groups in Syria as a “holy war.” According to Vsevolod Chaplin, head of the Church’s Public Affairs Department: The fight against … Read more

What is a Tyrant & Why U.S supports Tyrants

What is a Tyrant: Why does the US Support Them? 35 countries where the U.S. has supported fascists, drug lords and terrorists. With this startling fact, the what is a tyrant question is irrelevant; The real question is why do we support them The U.S. is backing Ukraine’s extreme right-wing Svoboda party and violent neo-Nazis … Read more

Russia winning Electronic war & Possible Saudi Coup

Is Russia’s Winning the Electronic War against US and the West In Ukraine and Syria, Russian forces are using high-tech equipment to jam drones and block battlefield communications — and forcing the U.S. to scramble to catch up. It comes at different times, and in different forms. But as they have charted the war in … Read more