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Tactical Investor Proprietary Indices

Tactical Investor Proprietary Indices

The Tactical Investor Proprietary Indices are updated at various intervals. There is a delay of between 6-12 months between the data we provide to our subscribers and the data we make available to the General Public.The Indices are as follows the Religious Provocation Index, the Adult Index, The Poverty Index and the Asian Edge Index.

Religious Index 

Here we get an insight as to how tensions are increasing worldwide between different religions and different cultures.  The higher the Index soars the more violent the resulting interactions will be between different religions and different cultures.  When we combine this with the Poverty Index and Adult index it will give us insights into where the next potential hot zones will be.  These Indices have proven to be remarkably accurate. The indicated well in advance that the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars would be big disasters, even when the administration was busy claiming victory and painting a rosy picture.  They predicted a new war would break out  in the Middle- East prior to Israel launching an attack on Hezbollah in 2006.  They predicted the dawn of the Arab Spring and the Chaos that would ensue in Libya.  They went on to predict the Rising of tensions between Russia and the West before the Annexation of Crimea.  These are just a few of the many things these indices predicted well in advance of the event.

Adult Index

This index predicts the rise of immorality.  The higher it rises, the more immoral society becomes; the more likely individuals are to do things for money .

Poverty Index

The higher this index rise, the higher poverty levels on a worldwide basis soar. As the index is weighted to focus on the US, the results are more indicative of what will occur in the USA.  To date, its track record has been amazing. It predicted in Advance that the 2008 meltdown would not produce wide economic relief and that only those who really did not need the money would benefit. In other words, the rich would get richer, the poor would get poorer and the middle class would vanish.

Asian Edge Index 

Higher values here are associated with Asia holding the Edge over the USA and the West.  When the index is trending up, it makes more sense to invest in Asia and vice versa.


Religious Provocation Index June 2014 

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