student debt crisis

Working harder won’t fix New Jersey’s student loan problem

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor[color-box color=”red”] The following excerpt makes for a compelling read; if you find it to be interesting, then please click the link at the end of the excerpt to access the full article. The real problem is that there are college students that don’ want to work and want to … Read more

Millennials Costing US Economy 376 Billion Annually

  Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor[color-box color=”red”] Well, before we get to the listed article, I would to provide you a brief synopsis of a rather interesting article: ” The one year chart illustrates that all is well on the surface and that the process of flooding the markets with hot money, in general, … Read more

Gluttonous colleges fueling higher education bubble

One of the key ingredients for any crisis is greed; there are several more but without greed, the rest don’t matter. Colleges and universities are the greedy players; the keep raising the cost of tuition while the actual quality is dropping. The U.S does not even make it to the top 10 countries regarding having … Read more