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Bear Market Fears-are they overblown?

Bear Market Fears; the perfect trick to stampede the masses The snake-oil salesman AKA experts take delight in concocting all sorts of fables as to how the markets are destined to crash. The loonier characters focus on the mother of all bear markets that will somehow wipe out all the gains for the past two … Read more

Is this the end for Bitcoin or is this a buying opportunity?

Bitcoin Market Crashing: Is this the end of Bitcoin or a pause before the next Bull Run? For greed all nature is too little. Seneca Whenever the masses fully embrace a market, trouble is usually close at hand, and that’s what occurred with bitcoin; the masses were completely enamoured with Bitcoin. The masses were euphoric … Read more

Is Disinflation Hitting Wall Street? Could be bad news for the fat cats

Is Disinflation Hitting Wall Street On Tuesday morning, Fidelity Investments announced it’s lowering online commissions for trading U.S. stock and ETFs to $4.95 from $7.95, a 37% decrease. Fidelity retail brokerage president Ram Subramaniam called this “a bold move” in an interview with Yahoo Finance. Shortly after Fidelity’s announcement, Charles Schwab (SCHW) announced it’s reducing … Read more

Experts Predicting Current Dow Jones Market To Crash

Any jackass can kick a barn down, but it takes a carpenter to build it. Sam Rayburn Current Dow Jones Chart Not Support Crash Outlook So what happened, why didn’t the markets crash and burn? Experts want you to live in a state of fear because fear sells.  So one jackass (oops we mean expert) … Read more