Stock market Analysis

What is Profits Unlimited

Profits Unlimited Translated in another way it boils down to unlimited profits and that is technically impossible in the stock market. If anyone knew of such a system, they would not even dream of making it available for less than 10K per year. As the price is a fraction of the stated price, it means … Read more

What is fluorescent sand

What is fluorescent sand Subscribers to both our premium and free services wrote in asking us to look at this ad.  We normally don’t have the time to commit to such endeavours, but today we will examine the situation from a mass psychology perspective. You will be amazed to find out that there is nothing … Read more

What Is Blue Gas? Investment Hype Or Something Credible

  What is Blue Gas? It appears that the success of Tesla while silencing a lot of naysayers has given some marketers ideas to conjure up, investments that could deliver Tesla-like yields.  Tesla is so successful that every car manufacturer has jumped onto the EV bandwagon. So now, a new fuel called blue gas is … Read more

Dollar Strength Or Dollar Crash

Dollar Strength or dollar weakness for 2020 and beyond The dollar by logic should drop as the Fed is pumping out insane amounts of money, but let’s not forget that the Fed has forced almost every other nation to take the same route. Now another argument that one could make is that the US debt … Read more

USD World Reserve Currency Under Attack?

End of USD As World Reserve Currency? The French Finance minister; the one-eyed man in the land of the blind states that a dollar crash is imminent The era of the US dollar’s “exorbitant privilege” as the World’s primary reserve currency is coming to an end. Then French Finance Minister Valery Giscard d’Estaing coined that … Read more

The Future Of Work And Stock Market Outlook 2020

The Future Of Work As stated in the last update, the Fed and its friends would do whatever it took to create the impression that shorting the market is a recipe for disaster. The idea as we stated was and is, to force every Tom, Dick and Harry to embrace this bull.  One only has … Read more

Mass Hysteria Coronavirus

Mass Hysteria Coronavirus: The manufactured crisis of 2020 What is interesting about individuals that subscribe to conspiracy theories is that they whine and moan (a better word would be one that starts with B, but that would be a tad bit colourful for this publication). Still, they never do anything to improve their situation.  Take … Read more

Market Crash 2020 Or Is This A Manufactured Crisis?

Market Crash 2020 or hogwash The image of the V-indicator (above)illustrates just how severe the surge of 999 points is; in case you missed the change. The fist is now coloured in red, indicating that one should be ready to expect an all-out surge in violence, extreme market volatilely (most of the action will be … Read more

The Future Of AI

The Future Of AI This ramble will serve as the prelude to the AI Trend trader service (this service, for now, is only available to  Market Update Subscribers)  There is just too much to discuss on this topic, so this will be one of many updates. Most of the experts have it wrong because they … Read more

AI Trend Trader

AI Trend Trader Service Please make sure that you are an active Market update subscriber as for now this service is only available to market update subscribers. We will verify every signup and if the subscription is not active or it has expired we will cancel the subscription. If your subscription is expiring in two … Read more