Stock market Analysis

Stock Market Under Trump: What’s the next Stop

Stock Market Under Trump There is no doubt that the stock market under Trump has performed extremely well and it will continue to perform well as long as the trend remains bullish. When the trend is positive (UP) train yourself to view strong pullbacks, corrections and other negative developments through a bullish lens. Anyone can … Read more

Trump Stock Market: Will Impeachment Hearings Derail This Bull

Trump Stock Market As this update is coming on the back of a very recent update, there is not much to be said other than the money on the sidelines continues to grow, politicians continue to behave like morons and individuals continue to wear their emotions on their sleeves. Educated individuals have now descended to … Read more

Bitcoin Price Update: Has Bitcoin Bottomed?

Bitcoin Price The weekly charts seem to confirm what the MACD’s are saying, so from a risk to reward perspective; it’s best to wait for bitcoin to let out more steam and or for our indicators on the weekly charts to pull back to the oversold ranges. Sept 15, Market update After trading above 10,000 … Read more

Soak The Rich and Lose The Rich As Was The Case With France

Soak The Rich  Historical experience is of some help because the U.S. had very high top income taxes in the 1950s, but economic conditions could be very different now. One way to predict the possible effects of the taxes is to look at a country that tried something similar: France, where Piketty, Saez and Zucman … Read more

Negative Thinking: How It Influences The Masses

  Negative Thinking and how it affects your investments When the trend is positive (UP) train yourself to view strong pullbacks, corrections and other negative developments through a bullish lens. Anyone can panic in the face of trouble, but only the astute individual can stand still and direct their energy to spotting opportunities. Don’t do … Read more

Leading Economic Indicators: Finally in Syn With The Stock Market?

Leading Economic Indicators  In the intermediate charts, the Baltic dry index is showing signs of life. The trend is now neutral with a strong bias towards turning positive. The current pattern indicates that the index is gearing up for a move to the 3700 to 3900 ranges with a possible overshoot to 4500.  If it … Read more

Dow Stock Market Outlook: Time To Dance or Collapse

Dow Stock Market outlook Before we get into the outlook lets look at what we have said over the past few months: In Jan 2019 we made the following comments The markets are still trading in the overbought ranges and the markets have started letting out a well-deserved dose of steam. The action will probably … Read more

What Is Fiat Money: USD Is Prime Example Of Fiat

What Is Fiat Money Every single currency out there today would fall under the category of fiat money. The aim of central bankers is to debase the currency and in doing so provide humungous benefits to a select few. Mass psychology clearly indicates that the crowd always finishes last because like the prisoners in the … Read more

Yield Curve Fears As Treasury Yield Curve Inverts

Treasury Yield Curve Inverts A lot of noise is being made up about the inverted yield curve and how it is signal that a recession is inevitable. First of all, remember what we have been stating all along: after 2009, everything changed. Free market forces are dead, and therefore, one cannot assume what worked in … Read more

Study: Average American Household

Olyvia Ruhlmann, Apartment List The Average American Household According to a new study by Apartment List, the way in which American’s organize themselves into households is rapidly changing. Fifty years ago, 76% of young adults were married and lived with their spouse. Today only 24% of 26-year olds live with their spouse. In fact, Americans … Read more