Strategist States Southern Europe Countries Need Wage Cuts
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Strategist States Southern Europe Countries Need Wage Cuts

Wage Cuts


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Wage Cuts

Financial markets are showing they have their doubts, with markets in Europe and Asian drifting lower Wednesday after Monday’s initial euphoria over the initial 750 billion euro package announced by European Union officials over the weekend.”Is the package big enough?” asked Paul Lambert, the current director of currency and macro strategies at Polar Capital who’s also held roles at Deutsche Asset Management, UBS, Citibank and the Bank of England. “That depends on the success of the debt consolidation in the periphery [and] whether they’re ultimately able to have falling real wages so that they can come back in line with the core.”

Much criticism has been lobbed at places such as Greece for high public sector wages, which will now be brought down sharply by the government as part of the agreement for its bailout package. That’s also been one of the key reasons Greeks have taken to the streets over weeks that have turned violent at times. On Wednesday, Spain announced a plan to reduce public wages 5% this year and freeze them in 2011 while suspending a pension hike. The moves come as the government there fears being dragged into a situation similar to Greece’s.

“I’ve observed that if any country in the emerging markets had been offered a loan package like the Greeks were offered before they got the eventual loan package they got, people wouldn’t have been rioting on the streets, they would have been saying thank you,” said Lambert at a Morningstar Investment Conference in London.

“The fact they’re rioting on the streets means ultimately there may not be the ability of the Greeks to see a 20% fall in real wages,” he said. Full Story=

Yeah, we would like to see how long individuals are willing to keep quiet once the government starts to cut their salaries, increase taxes and cut benefits. People used to the good life do not take kindly to such measures, they are going to get rid of the existing government, (Greece is the lead candidate for such a move) and replace it with one that is more sympathetic to their cause. The only way to solve this is properly (instead of the miserable program called shock and awe, more like shock and shake) is for the Eurozone to set an example.

They need to let one country default; this will send a strong message to the others that if they don’t wake up, the consequences are going to be rather painful. Strategist States Southern Europe Countries Need Wage Cuts; easier Said than done. Not really, because there is no other option. The party has gone on for too long. It’s either cut a little now or cut a lot later on.

In the short-term, this is a very painful strategy, but long-term this would be very beneficial to the Euro, as it would give it credibility and make it a true front-runner as a challenger to the US dollar.  An Investor will have more faith in a nation that is willing to take strong measures to protect its currency.

Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out.
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Strategist States Southern Europe Countries Need Wage Cuts; Easier Said than done