Religious wars

Lavrov tells Kerry Stop acting like skirt wearing woman

Russia Foreign Minister to John Kerry: Stop Being a Skirt-Wearing Woman, Accept Assad Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov speaks at a press conference at the United Nations on October 1, 2015 in New York City. Russia started a bombing campaign in Syria yesterday, claiming to target ISIS locations, though western countries dispute this claim … Read more

Oil wars will destroy Saudi Arabia & Russia & China dominate 2015

Fasten your seatbelts; 2015 will be a whirlwind pitting China, Russia and Iran against what I have described as the Empire of Chaos.So yes – it will be all about further moves towards the integration of Eurasia as the US is progressively squeezed out of Eurasia. We will see a complex geostrategic interplay progressively undermining … Read more

Putin strikes, Iran Joins and Russia & U.S blunders

Putin’s Airstrikes on Syria Are Not What You Think Since Russian President Vladamir Putin began his military air campaign in Syria last week, Western media has been clamouring to explain his motivation. Most of the analysis so far has been incomplete or half-baked at best. News agencies today are detached from the idea that in-depth … Read more

Putin’s holy war versus Jihadists & Syrian rebels destroyed

Putin’s Holy War vs. Obama’s Jihad in Syria The Christian Orthodox Church, which holds an important place in an insurgent Russia, has described its government’s fight against the Islamic State and other jihadi opposition groups in Syria as a “holy war.” According to Vsevolod Chaplin, head of the Church’s Public Affairs Department: The fight against … Read more

Russia winning Electronic war & Possible Saudi Coup

Is Russia’s Winning the Electronic War against US and the West In Ukraine and Syria, Russian forces are using high-tech equipment to jam drones and block battlefield communications — and forcing the U.S. to scramble to catch up. It comes at different times, and in different forms. But as they have charted the war in … Read more

Russia bombs ISIS, Syrians return home, & deadly Swedish school stabbing

  More than 800,000 refugees RETURNING to Syria as Putin OBLITERATES Islamic State Last month Moscow launched a bombing campaign against the twisted State terror group, which controls vast swathes of Syria and has forced thousands of people to flee the country. Many desperate asylum seekers have made their way to Europe via boats to … Read more

Muslim Refugees trashing Germany & Swedes attack Muslim refugees

Muslim Refugees trashing Germany Frantic German liberals have embarked on a media campaign to urge the current flood of nonwhite invaders not to trash Germany, steal, trespass, mistreat children, defecate in public, and haggle in supermarkets. Furthermore, the officially published guidelines beg the nonwhite invaders to respect freedom of religion, not to attack homosexuals, to … Read more