Immoral Behavior and the Religious Provocation Index

Immoral Behavior and the Religious Provocation Index

Immoral Behavior on the rise as well as religious intolerance 

For the 1st time in months, this index has decided to slow down the pace at which it advances. However, it has not pulled back yet, but in the last 3 months, it has only gained 12 points. It is still at a very high level, and as such, this means that planned and random acts of terror, violence, and war will be on the rise. It also now means that we will start to witness increased hardships caused indirectly by the effects of war or repression; the situation in Zimbabwe and parts of North Africa are excellent illustrations of this point. Expect immoral behaviour to rise to levels never seen before over the next five years.

Immoral Behavior on the rise


Tactical Investor Adult Index predicts rise of Immorality since 2005

Immoral Behavior and the Adult Index

The Adult index continues to roar to new highs in the last three months. It tacked on 125 points from 1450 to 1575. As we stated many times before, these new highs indicate that society is moving into a zone that we have decided to label as the  “I am willing to do whatever it takes for money or material gains zone’.  One can see this with the increase in reality-type shows where the individuals are willing to do whatever it takes to get a shot at fame, even indirectly selling themselves in shows such as the bachelor or the bachelorette.  The story below quite clearly explains this new trend.

Miami Beach police have reported that a notorious “brothel bus,” known for offering lap dances and drinks while cruising the streets, has been permanently taken out of operation. According to authorities, the bus, resembling a sleek black limousine, was impounded, and its operator was arrested in the early hours of Sunday. For a fee of $40, passengers were granted access to unlimited drinks and a tour of the popular South Beach neighbourhood, frequented by tourists and club enthusiasts. Undercover detectives, who boarded the bus, discovered a fully stocked bar and several young women who undressed to reveal G-strings filled with cash. These individuals reportedly offered sexual services, including oral sex, for $100. Full Story

Exposed: Inside the Scandalous “Brothel Bus” of South Beach

The stylish black bus roamed the vibrant South Beach neighbourhood, a hub for tourists and club enthusiasts, enticing passengers with rides and an enticing offer of unlimited drinks at a mere $40. However, an undercover operation revealed a shocking scene on board. Detectives discovered a fully stocked bar and encountered several young women who proceeded to remove their clothing, revealing G-strings filled with cash.

These women brazenly offered sexual services to passengers. The complete story provides further instances illustrating this shift in mindset. One particular article titled “Entire Life Sold for £192,000” and another detailing a single mother selling her home and emotions online exemplify this noteworthy transformation.  

The Psychology of Immoral behavior

In the past few decades, psychologists have extensively studied various ways in which our minds often fail to perceive what is right in front of us. They have coined the term “bounded ethicality” to describe the idea that our cognitive abilities to act ethically are significantly limited because we sometimes overlook the broader ethical perspective.

To illustrate this, consider how the framing of a decision can greatly influence our perception. According to Tenbrunsel, how a decision is presented profoundly affects our view of that decision and ultimately influences our choice.

In essence, Tenbrunsel asserts that specific cognitive frameworks can render us oblivious to the fact that we are facing an ethical dilemma.

Tenbrunsel shared an experiment that effectively highlights this issue. She divided participants into two groups, instructing one group to contemplate a business decision and the other to consider an ethical decision. Those pondering the business decision formulated one mental checklist, while those contemplating an ethical decision developed a different one.

Next, Tenbrunsel diverted the participants’ attention by engaging them in an unrelated task. Afterwards, she presented them with an opportunity to cheat.  Full Story

Unethical Behavior Is it the Same as Immoral Behavior

“Over the years, various instances of unethical behaviour in corporations have been observed, including manipulative accounting practices and operational misconduct. These behaviours often stem from management’s desire to meet the expectations set by Wall Street. What initially appears as a seemingly harmless manipulation to avoid disappointing investors—such as engaging in excessive trading at quarter-end, ignoring escalating insurance losses, or depleting a reserve fund—can eventually escalate into full-blown fraudulent activities.”

Buffett’s message holds significance because it relates to most individuals: well-intentioned leaders who sometimes overlook their moral compass as they navigate through a landscape filled with potential hazards and pitfalls. For this majority, moral leadership is not merely a matter of acting in either good or bad faith. It involves skillfully manoeuvring through the vast grey area that exists in between.

So, how can you recognize when you or your team is heading towards an ethical lapse? Here, we delve deeper into identifying signs of arrogance, desensitization to cultural norms, and willful neglect within yourself and your team, along with some suggestions for combating each of these dynamics. Full Story

The Dark Side of Going Abroad

Due to the unprecedented pace of globalization, foreign experiences have become increasingly common and valued. Previous research has primarily focused on the positive outcomes of foreign experiences, such as enhanced creativity and reduced biases towards different social groups. However, the present study sheds light on a potentially negative aspect of foreign experiences: an increase in immoral behavior.

We suggest that extensive foreign experiences involving exposure to multiple foreign countries promote not only cognitive flexibility but also moral flexibility. Using longitudinal, correlational, and experimental methods, eight studies were conducted involving over 2,200 participants. The results consistently demonstrate that broad foreign experiences can lead to immoral behaviour by fostering moral relativism, which is the belief that morality is relative rather than absolute.

The relationship between broad foreign experiences and immoral behavior was found to be robust across diverse cultural populations (including anglophone and francophone), various life stages (such as high school students, university students, MBA students, and middle-aged adults), and through the use of seven different measures of immorality. As individuals become exposed to various cultures, their moral compass may lose some of its precision.  NCBI

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