Russia and Turkey Clash: Putin’s Anger at Erdogan Sparks Tensions

Putin States Turkey licked American private parts

Russia and Turkey at Odds

The situation is going from bad to worse. It does not look like Putin will calm down or forget the downing of the Su-24 by the Turks. Erdogan and his stalwarts are not improving the situation by coming up with ridiculous reasons for downing the bomber. It could have ended with a sincere apology and an offer from Turkey to compensate Russia, which would have cost nothing compared to the losses Turkey currently faces.   Turkey stated that the general in charge was to blame when the prime minister said he issued the order.  This flip-flopping is a clear sign that Turkey is lying through its teeth and desperately grasping at straws to lay the blame on someone other than Erdogan or his peons.

The following statements illustrate just how Mad Putin is:

“Turkey licked the Americans in their private parts, and the West does not notice Turkey’s invasion of Iraq,” Putin said.  He further stated that Russia was not one of the countries that could be intimidated.

In Turkey, one can observe the process of covert Islamisation, “that would make Ataturk roll over in his grave,” Putin continued. This is a big mistake that resulted nearly in a catastrophe. Most importantly, according to Vladimir Putin, the objectives of Turkey’s provocations against the Russian aircraft have not been achieved. “Turkey licked the Americans in their private parts, and the West does not notice Turkey’s invasion of Iraq,” Putin said. However, Russia is not one of the countries that can be intimidated, Putin said.

He further went on to state that ISIS was created to protect the illegal sales of oil both in Syria and Iraq under the guise of Islam.  “It was easiest to do it under Islamist slogans,” he said.

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Russia Turkey face off good for defense sector

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