Trends: Nothing new about Fake news-it’s former name was Gossip


Fake News Trends

In most cases, one can spot fake news by simply spending a few extra minutes on the computer and checking the facts that the person used to create the story. 8 out of 10 times you won’t even have to do that as simple common sense will inform you ahead of time if the story is even worth giving any credence too. If you are low on common sense, then you are out of luck, and you will need to check the facts on each occasion. However, it is precisely the idiots that fall for these stories and then scream like a pack of rabid racoons.

New Trends: Passing of Rubbish as Knowledge

As time goes by, the level of rubbish passing off as valuable data continues to surge. Those that can’t separate the riff from the raff usually find out that instead of being the early bird that caught the worm that they end up being the late bird that had an unpleasant one-sided conversation with a bullet.

Another name for fake news is misinformation, and you can see that everywhere you go, so the fake news phenomenon is nothing new. It has just taken on a new name. Its first name was Gossip, and then it took various names over the years, that has now evolved into fake news. Everyone will be taken in by some fake news sooner or later. That is not the point; the point is your reaction; will you become emotional and overreact as the manipulators want you too.

To provide a solution the manipulators first need to create a problem

The solution to fake news is going to be less freedom, and sadly many will embrace this useless solution. If you fall for one of these stories, you should simply laugh it off. This is why we emphasise the observer’s perspective; observers do not react, they observe and then with a cool head they formulate a plan. Emotional individuals leap, and then they scream bloody murder when they find out they have landed in a pit full of vipers.

Don’t take the news seriously as its Gossip on steroids for the most part.  The loud-mouthed lady of yesteryear has been replaced with a turbocharged mouth that has far more reach, but it can only affect you if you let it affect you. Look at the news in aggregate and focus on the trends.  Don’t fixate on a story for that is like concentrating on a tree and forgetting that it is part of a forest.

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