Note to left-Your mouth-foaming vitriol is not attractive

Note to left-Your mouth-foaming vitriol is not attractive

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Trump’s agenda is in some aspects strikingly similar to that of Ronald Regan’s who was known for his pro-growth policies.  When Regan took office, unemployment was in the 7.5% ranges by the time he left office it had dropped down to 5.4%. GDP growth surged and averaged 3.8% per year.  Inflation was brought down to 3.7% and averaged 4.4% during his eight-year reign.

Regan’s massive tax cuts contributed to exponential growth. He cut taxes from 70% to 28% for the top income tax rate, and reduced corporate taxes from 48% to 34%.  Could Trump’s economic Policies Propel Hated Stock Market Bull Higher

 ToThe left-Your mouth-foaming vitriol is not attractive

Consider the following news stories from the past few weeks:

What do all these stories have in common? They illustrate how the left has reached new levels of violence and hysteria, prompting USNews to note, “Democrats can barely keep up with their problems with Trump, raising some to wonder if their perpetual opposition is undermining a more focused message.”

In other words: The left has lost its collective mind. They’re painting Trump as some sort of über-villain with superhuman evil powers designed to take down the free world. Or something like that.

David Kupelian noted, “Not only is what we call ‘the left’ irrational and basically insane, but it is also driving millions of Americans right over the edge – into extreme anger, faux victimhood, violence, depression, debauchery, addiction, despair and suicide.”

Does this sound like healthy opposition to you? Full Story

Who knew the left had so much venom?

That was January; in April the Prime Minister called a general election; by May our play was written, and in June the people went to the polls and a nation once more woke up, looked at the person sleeping next to them and thought: ‘Who are you?’ To say that these are interesting times is like saying Sarah Vaughan could carry a tune. I’ve always been somewhat sceptical of the phrase ‘The personal is political’, but when Relate relate that one in five of their councillors has worked with couples who have fought over Brexit, we know that times have rarely been more interesting.

Who knew, either, that there was so much hate within the left? Growing up in a communist household, I thought ‘Tory’ was a curse word till I was a teenager. My father was the kindest and, yes, most noble of men — maybe the fact that his socialism was a product of being genuinely working class, rather than a pose struck to impress/shame others, had something to do with it — but I had no idea until Brexit of the bigotry that lurks within the Brotherhood of Man.

We are often reminded of the ‘hatred’ the referendum and recent election ‘stirred up’ in our society — warned off democracy by those who would control us for our own good, as if we were wayward children eyeing the biscuit tin. What these sorrowing sad-sacks fail to add is the hate comes largely from their side. Too much democracy has merely flushed the poison out. Brexit did indeed unleash hate — but the hate it unleashed was not that of the British for foreigners but rather of the liberals for the masses. Full Story

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