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North Korea fires ballistic missile in test for Trump

North Korea fires ballistic missile in test for Trump

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North Korea Fires ICBM

The Pentagon said it believed the projectile was an ICBM that travelled roughly 1,000 km (620 miles) eastward before plunging into the Sea of Japan. The Japanese Defence Ministry believe the missile remained airborne for 50 minutes and likely landed in the waters of the country’s exclusive economic zone.

The latest act of North Korean aggression demonstrated the type of military advances that have been a feature of a number of its launches this year, which have put its neighbours and the US on edge – as well as sparking an escalating war of words with Washington over its expanding nuclear and missile programmes.  Full Story


North Korea Fires a Ballistic Missile

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis expressed greater concern, emphasizing what he said were technical advances on display in the 53-minute flight, which began when the missile was launched northeast of the capital, Pyongyang, and ended nearly 600 miles to the east, when it landed in the Sea of Japan.

“It went higher, frankly, than any previous shot they’ve taken,” Mr. Mattis said in the White House, where he was taking part in a budget meeting with the president and Republican congressional leaders.

“The bottom line is, it’s a continued effort to build a threat — a ballistic missile threat that endangers world peace, regional peace, and certainly, the United States,” the defense secretary said.

North Korea said Wednesday that it had successfully tested its Hwasong-15, a newly developed ICBM that it said could deliver heavy nuclear warheads anywhere in the continental United States Full Story

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