NATO’s Mindless attempts to provoke Russia backfire

NATO’s Mindless attempts to provoke Russia backfire

The map below shows how NATO continues to surround Russia, and they expect Putin to remain silent. Have they lost their minds? Don’t they remember the tantrum the US threw when Russia tried to place missiles in Cuba and mind you Cuba invited Russia to do this but the U.S. was not going to allow Russia to place weapons in its backyard? On the same token do they expect Russia to keep quiet while they surround it with weaponry? Look at this Map; it screams provocation. Now they have awakened the bear, and the bear will not stop until its hunted its enemy into the ground.

NATO looking for war

Source: Political Outcast

The U.S and NATO have pushed Russia to the limit and Putin has responded in a manner that the West did not expect. His response in Syria has shown the World that NATO will not come to the rescue of any member if Russia decides to attack them. There is no nation in Europe strong enough to challenge Russia on a military basis, and the U.S has never fought an enemy that could strike back. Russia is a formidable opponent that can dish out as much as it receives. What is incredible was how the West kept quiet when Turkey through an act of cowardice shot an SU-24 bomber that was out of bombs and did so in Syrian territory.  The video clearly highlights this fact

Prior provocations

The Maidan Attack is a clear example of US and NATO taking things one step further.  Yanukovich backed out of the IMF slave deal because Putin offered a much better deal with much better terms. The U.S was ticked off and engineered a Kiev Massacre, where innocent citizens were shot.  This then led to the overthrow of a democratically elected government which was and is still illegal according to Ukraine’s constitution.  The western media made no mention of this. Instead, they tried to lay the blame on Russia. However,  evidence has surfaced showing that the CIA and the leaders of Maidan were behind these massacres

Russia’s victory in Syria has shown the world that the U.S was directly helping Turkey channel arms to ISIS  to rape and kill the citizens of Syria. In less than six months Russia destroyed ISIS and had them on the run and helped Assad’s forces regain control of strategic sections of the Country.

NATO forces simulate combat  200 Km from Russia, triggering another round of provocations

End Game

Russia’s harsh response to Turkey act of cowardice has shown the world that being part of NATO means nothing. Putin has shown the world that NATO is nothing but a paper tiger.  However,  the West made the mistake of pushing rushing too far, and there is saying that when you awaken the bear, you better be ready to run, for it will not stop till it hunts you down.  Russia is winning on all fronts: it has emerged victorious from Syrian, and the Sanctions are backfiring; they are hurting Europe more than they are hurting Russia.  The sanctions have strengthened Russia as they have stimulated the growth of a host of new industries. When the sanctions are lifted, European businesses will find that they have lost certain markets forever.

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