NATO Alliance Does Not Want New Cold War With Russia

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NATO-Alliance Does Not Want New Cold War With Russia

NATO Alliance Does Not Want  Cold War With Russia

Let’s look at an interesting article before we cover the NATO alliance issue

First things first,  V-readings are in the stratosphere, and that seems to be fitting given the extreme moves we have seen in the sentiment arena and the markets.  Higher V readings are associated with more volatility but when the trend is positive (as is the current case), larger moves are experienced towards the upside once the markets stabilize. In other words, once these markets stabilise, the markets will move two to three steps forward and regress 1 step backwards.

One should therefore not be surprised by 1000 point moves in the Dow, for it’s going to occur regularly.  Roughly two weeks ago, the Dow tacked on over 3600 points in less than three days. There is a strong chance that the Dow could still experience a 3000-point move in one day.

The “mother of all buy signals” is dangerously close at hand, another small downward move and our indicators will be in place to trigger this signal.   We will cover insider buying activity shortly, needless to say, they are quite bullish on the long term prospects of this market.  Insider buying and the Coronavirus Pandemic


NATO Alliance Does Not Want  Cold War With Russia, or so they say

When Stoltenberg made the following comments, Putin was quick to respond

“Defender Europe is not directed against any particular country. This defensive exercise demonstrates the ability to rapidly move a large force from the United States to Europe to help protect other NATO Allies, if needed.”

Putin has clearly rejected these allegations and stated there was no reason for NATO to see Russia as an enemy after the collapse of the soviet union.   Lavrov also interjected with the following quip

“It’s unavoidable. I hope that any normal military official and politician understands this.”



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