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Merkel to Refugees: Money for nothing and chicks for free

Merkel to Refugees: Money for nothing and chicks for free

Okay, so we wanted to add some humour to an otherwise humourless situation.  Merkel opened the door to the worst of the worst when she essentially forced Europe to take in millions of unvetted refugees. Immigrants are fine, but you need to vet them; a filtration process is necessary especially when you are dealing with radical Muslims, who see everyone in Europe as a potential target to commit Jihad on, especially the attractive women.



[color-box color=”green”]Take a look at this list of demands or actions and it will make you see red. 

In Berlin, 20 asylum seekers sued the State Agency for Health and Social Welfare (Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales, Lageso) in an effort to force local authorities to speed up their welfare payments.

Berlin expected to receive 50,000 asylum seekers in 2015. German taxpayers will spend 600 million euros ($680 million) this year to pay for their upkeep.

Also in Berlin, more than 40 migrants, mostly from Pakistan, seized control over the observation deck of the city’s television tower and demanded stays of deportation, jobs, and exemptions from mandatory residence (Residenzpflicht), a legal requirement that asylum seekers reside within certain boundaries defined by local immigration authorities. More than 100 police were deployed to the tower to remove the protesters. After a brief questioning, they were set free. Police said no crime had been committed because the migrants had purchased tickets to the observation deck, some 200 meters (650 feet) above the Berlin Full Story

So they are getting free housing, Free food, some pocket money and free training.  What about the  Chicks?  This is the sad part, they are not getting them, they are forcing themselves on european women. In other words, they are raping them. On new Years Eve over 1000 cases of sexual harassment was reported. There are so many rape and sexual harassment cases in Sweden that it has now become the rape capital of Europe.

Must Read: Muslim Immigrants Make Sweden Rape Capital of West

The solution is simple

The punishment should be so harsh, so severe that it strikes the fear of God into them. For rapes, mandatory castration, followed by immediate deportation of the entire perpetrators family. For aggravated assault, a dozen lashes and immediate removal.  For those who curse Christianity, forced conversion or expulsion.  For those who refuse accommodation or make unwarranted demands, immediate deportation.   No burqas are allowed and no growing of extremely long beards.  Clothing should also match that of the locals; if they want to dress up as they did back in their country, then they can take the next plane back home.

On the same token, good Muslims should be extended the same benefits as the locals and treated with respect.  There are many good Muslims; we know several such people.

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