Merkel-Berlin Christmas Market Carnage Terrorist Act

Berlin Christmas market carnage terrorist act

Berlin Christmas Market Carnage

“According to what we know, we have to assume this was a terrorist attack,” Merkel, visibly moved and dressed in black, told reporters.

“I know it will be especially hard for us to take if it is confirmed that the person who committed this attack sought protection and asylum in Germany.

Berlin Christmas Market Carnage: Time wasted on False Lead

In a stunning reversal, police chiefs have admitted an innocent 23-year-old Pakistani refugee was wrongly detained in the minutes following the attack.

They believe the real terrorist is now at large – and say there is a “significant” threat of being hit by another deadly atrocity.

It means authorities are now locked in a terrifying race against time after almost 24 hours of their initial investigation was blown on a false lead.

The journalist who first reported doubts regarding the culpability of the refugee arrested claims cops have “no idea who they’re looking for”, it was reported.

Michael Behrendt said: “They have no weapon, no DNA traces. Until they have any concrete information, it’s still completely unclear what they’re dealing with.”

Berlin police chief Klaus Kandt said: “There are just so many possibilities to kill people with a heavy goods vehicle.”

“It would not be possible to turn all Christmas markets into fortresses,” he added.

It comes as the man originally arrested – a 23-year-old Pakistani man named only as Navid B – was tonight released from police custody as it was believed he is entirely innocent.

Doubts were raised over his supposed role in the attack when he was found with no blood or gun residue on his clothes and denied any knowledge of the attack. Full Story



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