Fiat Money Example: The Dollar Is A Prime Example

Fiat Money Example

Fiat Money Example: USD Is The Best Example of Fiat

Fiat is used to pay the masses for valuable work, with worthless pieces of paper and convince the crowd that this worthless paper is worth its weight in Gold.   The best way to achieve this objective is to divert their attention. We would make the masses focus on what they could buy with all this money. In other words, we would make Fiat money appear to be incredibly valuable.  To cement this illusion, we would pay a small segment of the population fantastic salaries and then allow these individuals to broadcast the flamboyant lifestyles they were living.   The goal of creating divisions in society is to make one group of individuals wish for the lifestyle that this other group is living. The more divisions you create, the greater the cover; in other words, these divisions are created to ensure that the masses forget the real task at hand. This has worked very well, for almost no one today questions Fiat.  Their main agenda today is to make more money so that they can lead a better life.

In fact, this is exactly what the top players have done; the masses no longer question the validity of money; they just want to make more and more. This is a long topic, but it can be summarised in the following manner. Fiat will not be replaced soon because most people do not believe that today’s money is fake. Instead, the focus is on gathering more and more. Therefore it is quite likely that the US deficit will top $90 trillion dollars before the masses start to pay serious attention to what is going on and even at that stage it is only a possibility and not a certainty.

Fiat Money equal to Weapons of Mass Destruction

Fiat Money Examples Abound; for example, the Euro, The Pound, Japanese Yen, etc are all prime examples of Fiat. If the masses do not view Fiat money as fake, one can conclude that until they do, the markets will rebalance after every strong correction and eventually rally to new highs as new loads of hot money are poured into the financial system.

Random Thoughts on the Topic

Politics is a dirty business, and it’s going to get a whole lot dirtier on a worldwide basis as the money supply surges. Remember what we have stated over and over again. Every major problem is indirectly related to Fiat and as the central banker’s prints more and more, expect more problems. Since the US is the world’s leader when it comes to creating Fiat, it stands to reason, that individuals living in the United States will experience the biggest losses in freedom and well being.

In 2013 after the controversial health bill was passed we stated that the US had hit the point of no return; the passage of that bill was a huge blow to freedom-loving individuals. Sadly the situation continues to deteriorate; today the US does not even make it to the top 10 of the best places to retire. That honour goes to Iceland and the US comes in at number 18; one can access the full story here.

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