Mob mentality

Quantitative Easing triggered Corruption of Corporate America

Corruption of Corporate America and QE ” The Syrian operation provided an “excellent opportunity to show off the goods”, Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Moscow-based Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, told Al Jazeera. The operation provided a chance to battle-test “all the last-generation military systems that Russia could not test in military condition – high-precision … Read more

47 percent of Americans Don’t have 400 Dollars

Editor: Neil Idler | Tactical Investor     Some other options to consider If you seek freedom, the 1st task is to attain financial freedom so that you can break free the clutches of the top players who seek to enslave you. They want you to run in a circle like a hamster that runs … Read more

Media Manipulates Financial Markets via Good & bad News

Editor: Neil Idler | Tactical Investor Markets are systematically driven by good and bad news. As the media outlets are controlled, one has to assume that all financially related news is purposely hyped up to create a soap opera like moment.  Forget the news and focus on the trend.  Always remember that misery like stupidity loves … Read more

Psychological Manipulation; You see what you are directed to see

 Everything you process is based on Perception & perception is based on the data you are fed. Sol Palha  Psychological Manipulation; Don’t Trust Anything Alter the perception, and you alter the outcome.  How do you know if you are viewing the right picture if all the information you are being fed is manipulated? The image … Read more

Media Manipulation; The Fraudulent Economic Recovery

  Media Manipulation; The new order of the day Manipulation is the order of the day, and this trend will continue to gather traction; it will only end when the masses revolt.  The masses are notorious for responding very slowly, so we can assume that by the time they snap out of their comas, the … Read more

The Hidden Agenda, Rob, Poison, & Control the Masses

The Hidden Agenda The real power does not show its face. The top shadowy players are the true puppet masters; they are the ones that tell organizations that you think are in charge of what to do. Bilderbergs, Rothschild’s, Rockefellers, Masons, etc., are all under the umbrella of this hidden power. Currently, there is a … Read more

Psychological & Chemical Ware Fare Are Gaining Traction

The real power does not show its face.  Secondly, there is a new psychological test going on.  Remember that we have always stated that America is the test bed for psychologically and chemically based operations. Chemically the toxins are delivered via the food and water supply. Psychologically regarding how far they can brainwash an individual.  … Read more

Hidden Agenda Review; All three wars were predicted decades ago

Hidden Agenda Review The blocks are being set Worldwide for a massive religious war. Europe now needs to make a smart and tough choice, abandon the sanctions against Russia and work with them or continue to implement them and lose even more market share in Russia to competitors. The market share Europeans have lost so … Read more

The Puppet Masters behind all religions & religious wars

The Puppet Masters The blocks are being set Worldwide for a massive religious war. We see this taking place in Syria right now, especially in Aleppo, where you have the insane house of Saud backing the equally deranged Erdogan. Erdogan the man who is losing his mind because all the lovely stolen cheap oil he … Read more

Experimental Group Definition Psychology: The Crowd

Experimental Group Definition Psychology No definition is needed when it comes to Psychology and the Markets. The experimental group has always been and will always be the crowd. The top players have abused the masses over and over again and like mindless bots, they line up for their new dose of punishment, as soon as … Read more