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Banking Scams; Their only purpose is to lie and Fleece the Populace

Banking Scams Their only purpose is to lie and Fleece the Populace and they make most of their money during times of turmoil that they helped create. You can use this data to your advantage; instead of panicking when the markets crash, jump in and purchase all the top quality stocks, you can load can … Read more

Stock Market Outlook According To Experts Like John Hussman

Market Outlook According to Experts Such As John Hussman Naysayers get it right once and use that one event to highlight their prowess; they purposely fail to list the countless times they were wrong in the past. Moreover, they fail to mention that had you listened to them you would have been bankrupted several times … Read more

Seven Most Discrediting Media Screw ups of 2016

Editor: Philip Ragner | Tactical Investor Seven Most Discrediting Media Screw-Ups of 2016 The mainstream media was arguably the biggest loser of the 2016 presidential election. Time and again, the press engaged in unprecedented hackery in order to advance an agenda, and time and again they screwed up — big league. The man responsible for … Read more

How To Be Happy: Epicurus Had The Answer 1700 Years Ago

How To Be Happy: It’s Simpler Than You Think For Epicurus, the most pleasant life is one where we abstain from unnecessary desires and achieve an inner tranquillity (ataraxia) by being content with simple things, and by choosing the pleasure of philosophical conversation with friends over the pursuit of physical pleasures like food, drink, and … Read more

False Information, Mass Psychology & Insane Bull Market

False Information & this Hated Stock Market Bull Regarding today’s news, the average person is inundated with unnecessary junk. On any given day you will find experts telling you why the markets are destined to soar and or crash.  News outlets are desperate for eyeballs, so they are going out of their way to make … Read more

Trading Psychology: trading markets via Mass Psychology

Updated August 2020 Trading Psychology; Ignore the Noise Information overkill is the reason we don’t inundate your inbox with updates, and this applies both to our paid subscribers and to subscribers of our free Newsletter.  We are already inundated with too much unnecessary junk. On any given day you will find experts telling you why … Read more

The little book of Common sense investing- focus on the Trend

The little book of Common sense investing There is no such book when it comes to the financial markets; experts try to fill in the void but they only serve to obscure the outlook even further. Experts are nothing but EX Spurts; in other words, a spurt that never was.   The so-called experts of Wall … Read more

Masses Wrong Again; Markets Surge on Wall of Worry

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor  Markets surge on a wall of worry Let’s look at what this means While a “wall of worry” may sometimes consist of a single economic, political or geopolitical issue significant enough to affect consumer and investor sentiment, it more commonly comprises concerns on numerous fronts. The markets’ ability to … Read more

Financial services industry desperately trying to Attract Millennials

Financial services industry targets Millenials Buffett’s latest views on corrections and the coronavirus ‘It wasn’t October 1987, but it was an imitation… [and the financial crisis] was much more scary, by far, than anything that happened [on Monday].’ “If you stick around long enough, you’ll see everything in markets,” he said from his Omaha headquarters. … Read more