Crowd and Mob Psychology

China targets corruption: strikes zombie companies hard

  Zhang Yi, Chairman of the State-owned Assets Supervision (SASAC), has vowed to go after zombie industrial companies and virtually eliminate them by 2020. He went to on to say that targeting these  “zombie companies” is tough, but “officials need to use today’s ‘small tremors’ to prevent a future earthquake. The central government last September … Read more

Lemmings & Herd Mentality equate to stock market losses

The leaders represent less than 2% of the population yet take in more than 90% of the profits. Getting to this stage is not easy as it involves changing one’s ingrained modes of behaviour. Sol Palha Lemmings & Herd Mentality Equates To Financial Loss If one wants to win in the markets, one needs to … Read more

Currency wars & Negative rates will destroy fixed income individuals

The “devalue or die” currency wars are picking up steam; Japan’s central bankers are not alone when it comes to taking rates into negative territory. A host of European nations have joined the devalue or die war; imagine having to pay the banks to keep your hard earned money. The worst being that the banks … Read more