Mass Media fuelling Brexit Fears

Mass Media fuelling Brexit Fears

Editor: Vladimir Bajic | Tactical Investor

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This article provides some rather interesting perspectives but before we get to it, we would like to present you with an excerpt to an equally interesting article:

” Many a naysayer, many of which fall under the newsletter writers camp keep pumping the nonsense that all paper money will cease to exist and that everyone will revert to the gold and silver standard in the not too distant future. First of all, they are about 1000 years too late and second of all they are in sore need of a mental check up. They forget to take mass psychology into consideration and one must understand that the biggest driving force anywhere is mass behaviour also known as Mass psychology.  The Gold standard did not prevent theft and outright robbery; banker were still known for shaving gold coins and other shenanigans. Nobody in hell including yours truly wants to run around with a heavy sack of gold or silver coins strapped to their necks.  ”  Good Money management-Better Solution than Gold standard 


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