Is Hillary a liar and Master Criminal? Read and decide

Is Hillary a liar and Master Criminal? Read and decide

Clinton’s lies can’t survive the age of social media

When she started dropping those big fat fibs of hers, there was no Facebook or Twitter, no army of Internet trolls to unleash at her enemies, and no emails to be mysteriously lost at the Obama State Department.

That was the pre-e-Hillary.

Back then all she had to do was wink and put on her bad Southern accent and make her eyes big on TV — that astonished Hillary who just couldn’t get her mind around those devious Washington ways, blaming all her troubles, and Bill’s, on tricky Republicans putting turtles on fenceposts.

She could make $100,000 in her first cattle futures trades after putting up only $1,000. And later in the White House, magically get access to the FBI files of hundreds of Clinton political enemies.

“You know, you find a turtle on a fencepost and it didn’t get there by accident,” said Southern Hillary in 1998 on “Good Morning America,” her voice packed with purple hull peas and Arkansas okra, her eyes widening so you could see the turtles just wiggling there in her mind.

“And ah jes look at the landscape around here, and I see lots of big ol’ turtles sitting on lots of fenceposts,” she said. “And I think we need to find out how those old turtles got on those fenceposts.” Full Story

Lies, Lies and Hillary’s Job Statistics

She recently spoke at a high school in a Cleveland suburb and claimed “Ohio would gain 376,000 jobs under my plan and lose more than 123,000 jobs under Donald Trump’s plan. This jobs forecast was from a report prepared by Mark Zandi, “somebody who advised John McCain back in 2008, so you know [said Hillary] that, no, he’s not a Democrat.”

Too bad the nonpartisan public-interest group was around to expose Hillary’s latest “short circuit” of the truth: Mark Zandi is a registered Democrat as well as a major donor to the Democratic Party and the Clinton presidential campaign.

As if this isn’t enough of a blow to Zandi’s credibility, Zandi never actually served as McCain’s adviser but merely as a hired data gun.

What really frosted about the brazenness of Hillary’s “say it enough and they’ll believe” strategy was this:

A “ clearly irritated ” Douglas Holtz-Eakin—“ the actual chief economic advisor to McCain ”—had this to say about Clinton’s latest false narrative: “This ends today…It’s wrong.”

Instead of fighting over how many jobs in Ohio Clinton vs. Trump might create in the future

Let’s simply look at how many jobs Bill and Hillary Clinton’s bad trade deals have already helped destroy in the Buckeye State.

The Clintons played key roles in the two most poorly negotiated and destructive trade deals in the last twenty-three years. Bill Clinton signed NAFTA in 1993 and First Lady Hillary lobbied for it. President Bill Clinton also played a leading role shoehorning China into the World Trade Organization in 2001; this pact gave China’s state-owned and heavily subsidized corporations full access to America’s markets.

According to Public Citizen, NAFTA has resulted in the loss or displacement of 34,900 jobs in Ohio—and about 700,000 in the United States. In addition, Ohio lost another 106,400 jobs due to “the rise in the trade deficit with China since it joined the World Trade Organization.” Full Story

Navy Seals  states that Hillary is an ignorant Liar

“Only someone completely arrogant, ignorant and disrespectful of what happens in war could say something like that,” he concluded. “Hillary was willing to lie in order to take advantage of that feeling of gratitude and awe Americans have for those who serve.”

Hillary’s Entire Career is founded on lies

First, Hillary’s brief solo “professional” career [without Bill] was a total failure, and of her own doing. This despite high-level political sponsorship to get her a key “entry level” job as a legal staffer on the Nixon Impeachment investigation in the early 1970s. But she flunked the D.C. Bar Exam [perhaps the easiest in those days] and got fired from her staff job.

Second, she is identified today in friendly media solely by her “career” post-marriage to Bubba. This is the part that Barack Obama recently described as making her “probably the best-qualified person ever to run for president.” This is both laughable and ironic, as she is better qualified than was Mr Obama, arguably the most unqualified person ever elected president. And, as presidential aspirants go, they had one professional “qualification” in common: Neither had ever worked in a “real job.”

After she and Bill left the White House [along with the furniture, crockery and artwork they took with them] she simply punched her ticket with two more political gigs that were handed to her.

Her time as a senator from New York was purely a block-checking exercise to stay “relevant.” Best illustrating this is the question: Why didn’t they go back to Arkansas? Easy, returning to Arkansas would have been the political — and financial — end for them and they knew it. It’s the same reason the Obamas are not returning to Chicago. And in this context, look for an “Obama Foundation” that rakes in money and a series of Hillary-style political appointments for Michelle — after all, she flunked the Bar Exam too.

More than anything else, Hillary’s campaign is counting on the “newer” American voters to simply not remember her and Bill’s checkered political and legal past. Accordingly, we can expect a Republican campaign replay of the 1990s: Bill’s Impeachment, the Star investigation, Bill’s disbarment for lying, her Rose Law Firm partner going to jail — and on and on and on — as supplemented by her latest scandals: Benghazi, “speaking” fees and classified emails.

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