Le Pen launches presidential campaign

Le Pen launches presidential campaign

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Anjem Choudary, Britain’s best-known Islamist preacher, was jailed on Tuesday for five years and six months for encouraging support for Islamic State, ending years of frustration for police who had struggled to pin charges on him. Choudary, 49, and close associate Mizanur Rahman, 33, who received the same sentence, had been convicted by a jury in July of using the Internet to urge followers to back the banned group, which controls large areas of Syria and Iraq. “ Radical Pakistani Anjem Choudary locked up in U.K for supporting ISIS

Marine Le Pen is showing no sign of moderating her rhetoric as she claimed France was under the threat of two “totalitarianisms” – economic globalisation and Islamic fundamentalism.

In a speech to launch her campaign for the presidential race, the leader of the far-right Front National (FN) said mosques, “prayers in the streets” and the veil worn by Muslim women were threats to France’s culture and values and that “no French person, no Republican and no women attached to their dignity could accept it”.

“We do not want to live under the yoke of the threat of Islamic fundamentalism,” she said at her party’s conference in Lyon.

Ms Le Pen claimed “mass immigration” caused by globalisation left French people feeling “dispossessed” of their own country and allowed Islamic fundamentalism, an ideological “enemy of France” to settle on its territory.

“Islamic fundamentalism is attacking us at home,” she said, and went on to compare Islamists settling in France to wolves in a henhouse and claimed Islamic fundamentalism was “planting itself in some neighbourhoods and vulnerable minds.

Thousands of flag-wavers chanted “we are at home” and “Marine President” during the party leader’s speech. Ms Le Pen was greeted with loud cheers after she said immigrants without papers would be denied free health care and foreigners who committed crimes would be expelled.  Read more

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