ISIS selling young sex slaves to heathens from Saudi Arabia
ISIS selling young girls as sex slaves to heathens from Saudi Arabia & Turkey

ISIS selling young girls as sex slaves to heathens from Saudi Arabia & Turkey

ISIS selling young girls as sex slaves to heathens from Saudi Arabia & Turkey

[color-box color=”orange”]There is going to be a massive war between Christians and Muslims, and this war will eventually be known as the 2nd crusade. For now, the brutality has been one-sided mostly, but suddenly from nowhere violent attacks will emanate from the Christian side and they will not relent. We don’t say this with joy, for there is no joy in war, only pain, and misery. However, we predicted the coming religious wars back in 2003, and they are coming to fruition with deadly precision.

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Saudi’s are nearly always implicated in matters relating to violence and terror and now rape. And since insane Erdogan has been in charge he is trying to push Turkey into an Islamic state, however, Erdogan’s time is limited, there are signs that a sudden attack could be mounted against him and his Gestapo crew, and he might end up with a similar fate as Gaddafi. [/color-box]

The brutal Jihadists are raping and enslaving white Caucasian Yazidi women, and the Western world is dangerously silent over this nefarious and atrocious act.  They are being sold as livestock in bazaars to mostly Saudi and Turkish businessmen.  An 18 year recounts her terrible encounter and subsequently miraculous escape from this heathens.

She claims that during the “slave markets” she saw Westerners whose nationality she could not work out – along with Iraqis and Syrians. According to Jinan, one owner named About Anas said: “A man cannot purchase more than three women, unless he is from Syria, Turkey or a Gulf nation.”

The other, Abou Anas replied: “It’s good for business… A Saudi buyer has transport and food costs that a member of the Islamic State does not. He has a higher quota to make his purchases profitable.” “It is a good deal. the Islamic State increases its profits to support the mujahideen and our foreign brothers are satisfied.”

One man even reportedly complained about the slaves, saying: “That one has big breasts. But I want a Yazidi with blue eyes and pale skin. Those are the best apparently. I am willing to pay the price.”  The horrified teenager also describes how the brutes tortured her, abused her, chained her to leave her hanging in the scorching heat and even forced her to drink water riddled with mice. She said the blood-thirsty militants even tried to “forcefully” convert them to Islam and “threatened to torture us with electricity.” She said: “These men are not human. They only think of death. They take drugs constantly. They seek vengeance against everyone.”They say that one day Islamic State will rule over the whole world.Full Story


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