ISIS equals Israeli Secret service Intelligence

ISIS equals Israeli Secret service Intelligence

This video was created in 1990 well before the term ISIS was invented and before ISIS became a home name to the public and the author illustrates that ISIS stands for the Israeli secret service intelligence. If this is true, then our so-called allies are nothing but two timing backstabbing snakes, which need to be taken out ASAP.  Why do we have to give Israel $3 billion in military aid every year? They make more than enough money to stop begging for handouts.  This money could be used to help our own people, for example, our VETS, who are treated badly and in many cases, have to wait for months before they get treated for their disorders.

Video made in 1990 shows that ISIS is nothing but Mossad

Another video reveals the treacherous nature of Israel and how Abu Bakr head of ISIS is an Israeli Citizen

It seems that the Congress, the banking sector and the media have been infiltrated and are now agents that serve a different master. Insane McCain is seen walking around with wanted terrorists and no charges are filed against him. Clinton sends out top secret information over an unsecured server and walks away scot free. If any regular American did this, they would be behind bars by now. It is time to clean the house and these lying sacks of crap need to hung and left to rot in some remote location for the pain and suffering they have brought to the American people.

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