IRGC Commander: Saudi Troops Deployment to Syria “Political Joke”

IRGC Commander: Saudi Troops Deployment to Syria "Political Joke"

We could not agree more with General Hossein when he states that Saudi’s decision to commit troops to Syria is a political joke.  In his defence we think he was being too polite, the idiotic brainless prince who is now defence minister because his father is senile has no knowledge of military warfare and is complexly out of his league. He has already committed a massive blunder in Yemen, where Saudi troops that are better armed that the  Houtis they are seeking to destroy, are having a hard time making any headway.  Heading into Syria is going to result in Saudi troops provide easy targets of the highly trained Iranian army and Hezbollah.

BND the, German intelligence agency, stated that t Prince Salman has embraced “an impulsive policy of intervention”.  The report went to further state that the Prince Bin Salman as a political gambler, whose policies are destabilising the Arab world via his military intervention in Yemen and providing aid to the rebels in Syria.

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This article below clearly illustrates the big blunder the house of Saud made when they decided to enter Yemen.

Saudi Arabia, by committing itself to an unlimited military escalation in Yemen, has over-reached itself. There are several reasons for this. First, they have already lost one war against the Houthis. In 2009 the Houthis killed more than 100 Saudi soldiers after Riyadh bombed Houthi positions along the border. Chastened, the Saudis backed off. This time around, it is doubtful that Saudi Arabia has the stomach to comprehensively defeat them.

Second, President Hadi is, from a military point of view, beyond saving. He has few allies within the Yemeni military – many of the units operating in and around Aden have refused to follow his orders. His tribal allies are no match for the experienced, better organised and well-armed Houthi rebels. Full Story

Bottom line the house  of Saud instead of learning from their recent mistake is looking to compound this mistake by committing troops to Syria.  Perhaps some last minute sense might be knocked into this Prince Salman’s head otherwise, he will find himself in the tragic position of informing mothers and fathers that their sons were killed fighting an unwinnable war.

TEHRAN (FNA)- Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Hossein Salami downplayed the Saudi officials’ decision to send forces to Syria under the banner ofa campaign against terror, adding that their deployment rhetoric is a “political joke”. “Saudi troop deployment to Syria is more like a political joke than a field reality,…

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