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Record corporate debt and China catches America off guard

Record $253bn in long-dated debt issued this year International companies and governments worldwide are issuing record sums of long-dated debt as investors bet on decades of low growth and inflation. Exceptionally cheap interest rates on international capital markets as well as plentiful demand for investment assets have encouraged sovereign and corporate borrowers to issue an … Read more

Turkey, Russian tensions, good for defense industry

  Taking down the Su-24 was an act of cowardice by Turkey especially as any bomber stands no chance against a Supersonic Jet.  Not one but two F-16’s  were involved.  One F-16 is already too much for the Su-24 to handle, two well is overkill. And the story does not end there. Supposedly, the Su-24 … Read more

Bond Crash: Bond Market will not crash

Always do what you are afraid to do. Ralph Waldo Emerson Bond Crash:  The Bond Market Is Not Set To Crash The trend in bonds was bullish for a long time, and one can see how bonds ran up during that time frame. Currently, it’s neutral and that also has to be viewed through a … Read more

U.S. backed Coup in Ukraine, China wins, Russia resists and Insane McCain

U.S. backed Coup in Ukraine, China wins, Russia resists and Insane McCain McCain Joins Bolton, Invites Israel to Bomb Iran Senator John McCain took to the Senate floor last week to rail against peace talks with Iran. No surprises there. But McCain went beyond blasting the deal. He suggested a surprising and disturbing method of … Read more