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China Stock Market News: Leverage & Greed caused stock market crash

China Stock Market News: Margin Debt Soaring One clear sign that the masses are jubilant is margin debt.  High margin debts are associated with feeding frenzy events.   This usually takes place because the masses are desperate and looking for an alternative investment to recoup their losses.  In the case of China, the cooling housing market … Read more

China Stock Market Live News: Leverage Caused China Financial crash

China Stock Market Live News Forget the news regardless of whether is live or delayed. News equates to nothing but Gossip, instead, focus on the trend because it’s your friend.   After the housing market had tanked, investors were looking for a quick way to make a buck. What better way to try to lock in … Read more

Financial Insights Minus The Rubbish Factor

The Tactical Investor Financial Insights project is our way of getting out relevant data, by eliminating the noise factor. Our goal is to make reading Stock Market News more fun and to get the message in five minutes or less. Wall Street and the government share the same bed; Congress is bought and paid for … Read more

Neo-fascist McCain, Subprime mortgage comeback & Russia implodes

Hungary summons U.S. envoy over McCain’s ‘neo-fascist’ comment BUDAPEST (Reuters) – Hungary’s Foreign Ministry summoned the U.S. envoy on Wednesday after U.S. Senator John McCain called Prime Minister Viktor Orban a “neo-fascist dictator.” The United States has become increasingly critical of Orban’s government, accusing him of getting too close to Russia since East-West tensions rose … Read more

Splendid stock returns without 50/50 stock bond portfolio

Experts like Morgan Stanley and Barclays bank state investors should look forward to low returns only going forward.  These claims are based on the 50/50 stock bond portfolio model depicted in the image below. Right off the bat, we can state that this kind of thinking falls under the category of Rubbish.  What these experts should … Read more

How to win in any market: 9 rules for success

Investing is not rocket science though many would have you believe this in essence it comes down to having mastery over your emotions. You either control them or they control you.  It is impossible to eliminate the impulse to act when joy or fear are in the air. While you cannot abolish the emotion that … Read more

Neocons hate Iran deal, Germans wants to lift Russian sanctions

Why Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Neocons Hate the Iran Deal Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a statement in his office in Jerusalem on July 14, 2015, after world powers reached a historic nuclear deal with Iran. Here’s the thing to keep in mind about most critics of the Iran nuclear deal that was signed … Read more

Denmark Anti-immigrant Ads and U.S. helpless against Russian hardware

  Denmark places anti-migrant adverts in Lebanon newspapers warning that benefits will be cut by 50% and asylum Denmark has placed adverts in several Lebanese newspapers warning would-be migrants about new and tighter restrictions on those seeking asylum in the country. The adverts appeared in at least three Arabic-language newspapers and one English-language daily in … Read more

Chinese flocking to U.S. Real Estate and German Migrant crisis

 A man on the phone inside the Shanghai Stock Exchange building at the Pudong financial district in Shanghai, November 17, 2014.  After yet another drop in the Shanghai stock market and Hang Seng index on August 6, Daniel Chang heard his cell phone ping. The Sotheby’s real-estate agent was on a business trip in Shanghai, … Read more

Ukraine puppet government and Fed claims no more QE

Ukraine president vows severe punishment for instigators of deadly Kiev clashes but never delivers  Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on Monday said those behind deadly Kiev clashes that erupted after a vote on autonomy for separatist eastern regions deserved severe punishment, calling the violence a “stab in the back.” “It was an anti-Ukrainian act for which … Read more