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Alternative Energy Play Sun Edison bites the Dust

SunEdison, world’s largest Alternative Energy firm -Bankrupt This is one of the top stories for the week. It could prove to be of interest to you, so we are posting an excerpt of it below, and then we will continue with the main story. He showed people pictures known to arouse positive feelings (say, a … Read more

Chinese Renminbi bullish long term outlook or Demise

By Tom McGregor, CNTV Commentator Chinese Renminbi Outlook China’s renminbi (RMB) currency stands poised for higher valuations in the mid to long-term future, according to the United States Department of Treasury that had issued its ‘Semi-Annual Report to Congress on International Economics and Exchange Rate Policies for 2016’ last Friday. “The Chinese currency is still … Read more

Central Bankers Are Akin To The Russian Mob

It is not in the world of ideas that life is lived. Life is lived for better or worse in life, and to a man in life, his life can be no more absurd than it can be the opposite of absurd, whatever that opposite may be. Archibald Macleish Central Bankers and the Russian Mob … Read more

Sanctions payback: Russia wants firms to default on western loans

  [color-box color=”green”]De-Dollarization: Russia Wants Firms To Default On Western Loans, Ban Firms From Using FX/FX Loans [/color-box] Let’s start with some classic Russian politics. Finance Minister Anton Siluanov is drawing up Russia’s economic strategy for 2016, including the government budget. Siluanov – essentially a liberal, in favor of foreign investment – will present his proposals … Read more

Double dealing Cruz: Conservative or NWO insider

[color-box color=”blue”]Ted Cruz’s rallies against Crony Capitalism yet his wife works for one of the biggest crooks in the industry; the famous Goldman Sachs and Cruz goes on to praise his wife’s career.  Goldman’s hand has been documented in the 2008 crisis and other financial crisis. It appears that Cruz might not represent change but could … Read more

Market Update Tactical Investor Past Calls: The Trend Is Your Friend

    Market Update Past Calls 2019 To embrace the “trend player” methodology, one needs to clear one’s mind from all the nonsense injected via the Mass media. Secondly, change the way they used to trade, and lastly, they need to understand that it takes time. Depending on how open-minded one is; the average turnaround … Read more

Marc Faber Wrong: black Monday crash a buying opportunity

Black Monday crash: All Bark & No Bite Dr Faber aka Marc The Bust Faber continues to provide the best definition for the term insanity. He advocates doing exactly the wrong thing and the right time.  If one had paid heed to his so-called sage advice over the years, one be bankrupt several times over. … Read more

The Middle Class Squeeze: 4.00 in 1973 equates to 22.41 today

ze: 4.00 in 1973 equates to 22.41 today Middle Class Squeeze Workers are earning more but taking home less money as real wages have not risen since 1980 The average hourly wage for Non-Management private-sector workers in Sept 2015 was $20.67, 2.3% higher year-over-year. In the ’70s and ’80s wages increased at an annual rate … Read more

For Many Americans Great Recession Never Ended

The Economic Recovery Deception The chart is a clear illustration that the Recession has not ended. The Fed has created the illusion that all is well by boosting stock prices, by maintaining an ultra-low rate interest environment for an unprecedented period.  This environment favours speculators and punishes savers. It forces savers to speculate or risk … Read more