Insane Erdogan asking for beating; Putin Happy to oblige

Insane Erdogan asking for beating; Putin Happy to oblige

The hypocritical leaders of the West did not even raise their eyebrows when liar N chief of Turkey AKA insane Erdogan violated Syria’s fragile truce on 28th of Feb by purposely targeting Kurdish forces in Northern Syria. What this insane man, a concubine of the U.S does not fathom is that if a war broke out between Russia and Turkey, Russia would pound this wannabe Ottoman Sultan into ground. Secondly, as we are in the midst of a full-blown religious war, no European member of NATO would come to Turkey’s aid unless the leaders are ready to meet their makers early.

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Video shows that Turkey violated Syrian Ceasefire on 28th of Feb, yet the monkeys make no mention of this and pretend all is well

Putin promised Erdogan that he would feel the pain of this betrayal, and he has been true to his word. The most painful loss and humiliation for Erdogan is that Russia has recognized the YPG and has even allowed them to open an office in Moscow. This recognition means that Russia is going to provide a lot of aid to the Kurds and use them to cause Hell in Turkey. Erdogan must be crying every day over downing the Russian Su-24. The losses to date have been monumental, and Putin is still not done with Erdogan. If Erdogan continues to push Putin, he might soon find bombers blowing the Hell out of his troops in Turkey.  Troops mean nothing today; it’s all about advanced weaponry and in that area, Russia has a massive edge on Turkey.

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Look at how peaceful Damascus is after the first day of ceasefire. In the five years, the U.S has been there; it  has achieved Jack S**T but in just five months the Russia has brought peace and stability to these poor people whose lives were wrenched from them for no reason other than greed.


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