Homocysteine controversy & Putin vows payback; tell me sweet lies
Homocysteine controversy & Putin vows payback

Homocysteine controversy & Putin vows payback

Homocysteine controversy & Putin vows payback


Putin vows payback after confirmation of Egypt plane bomb

“We will find them anywhere on the planet and punish them,” Putin said of the plane bombers at a somber Kremlin meeting broadcast on Tuesday. The FSB security service swiftly announced a $50 million bounty in a global manhunt for the bombers.

“Our air force’s military work in Syria must not simply be continued,” he said. “It must be intensified in such a way that the criminals understand that retribution is inevitable

We must do this without any statute of limitations, and we must find out all their names,” he said, invoking Russia’s right to self-defense under the United Nations charter.

“Anyone who tries to help the criminals should know that the consequences for trying to shelter them will lie completely on their shoulders.” Full Story

There are strong signals indicating that Putin will do what no other world leader has dared to. He is a strong nationalist, and if he finds out that some Middle East country played a role in downing the Russian Metrojet, he will send his bombers into that country without hesitation, and no one is going to be able to stop him.  There is already evidence showing that Saudi has been funding the so-called moderate rebels.  But, how do you tell a moderate rebel from a terrible rebel; are they wearing a big sign on their forehead that states so.  This is the reason unlike the U.S, Putin is bombing all the rebels. As we have stated before, we do not think Putin is a saint, but we agree with his viewpoint that there is no such thing as a moderate rebel.

The homocysteine controversy


Mild to moderate hyperhomocysteinemia has been identified as a strong predictor of cardiovascular disease, independent from classical atherothrombotic risk factors. In the last decade, a number of large intervention trials using B vitamins have been performed and have shown no benefit of homocysteine-lowering therapy in high-risk patients. In addition, Mendelian randomization studies failed to convincingly demonstrate that a genetic polymorphism commonly associated with higher homocysteine levels (methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase 677 C>T) is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Together, these findings have cast doubt on the role of homocysteine in cardiovascular disease pathogenesis, and the homocysteine hypothesis has turned into a homocysteine controversy. In this review, we attempt to find solutions to this controversy. First, we explain that the Mendelian randomization analyses have limitations that preclude final conclusions. Second, several characteristics of intervention trials limit interpretation and generalizability of their results. Finally, the possibility that homocysteine lowering is in itself beneficial but is offset by adverse side effects of B vitamins on atherosclerosis deserves serious attention. As we explain, such side effects may relate to direct adverse effects of the B-vitamin regimen (in particular, the use of high-dose folic acid) or to proinflammatory and proproliferative effects of B vitamins on advanced atherosclerotic lesions. Full Story

We were one of the first to state that both the drug and the health industry have combined to sell the masses are a boatload of crap. More than half the supplements marketed are not necessary, and the half that might be good are full of unhealthy additives that in most cases render them useless.   The homocysteine issue has been a big deal for years but now we find out that it might be nothing but a scam.  Investigate everything and do not believe what you read just because some so-called prestigious institute publishes it.  We used to think that Lef.org was full of good research, but after we had dug deeper, we found out that they are full of rubbish mostly. Most of their supplements contain inflammatory agents or known allergenic agents, so even the so-called high-quality materials they use to make the supplements amount to nothing if you are filling them with these agents. Which begs the question, why bother sourcing high-quality ingredients if you are going to destroy them by putting in unhealthy additives.  Unfortunately, there are many companies doing this.  We might cover this one day, but we have an issue with Fish oil and seed oil. Seed oil in our opinion is not good for health and should be avoided; the two best oils are pure butter and coconut oil.  Fish oil and seed oils are full of polyunsaturated fats; they are highly unstable and go rancid and room temperature. So imagine what they are doing in your body.  Conduct your research. We are just providing food for thought.


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