Hillary’s Campaign Manager Blames Loss To Russian interference on social media

Hillary’s Campaign Manager Blames Loss To Russian interference on social media

Hillary’s Campaign Manager Blames Loss To Russian interference

Sounds like the pot calling the Kettle black.  Bernie sanders could make the same claim; only in his case there is real evidence to show the DNC and Clinton Colluded to get rid of him. An empty can tends to make the most noise

“We didn’t come to understand this was even going on until very late in the day, and it wasn’t until the closing days of the election that we started to realize that maybe something was happening,” Sullivan stated. “And it really wasn’t until after the election that we came to understand the full scope and scale of the Russian effort and how the social media aspect of it was amplifying and driving the hacked and leaked documents aspect of it.”

“It really wasn’t until the documents started coming out around the Democratic National Convention in July that we realized there was a different game going on,” Sullivan said. “There was something else afoot.”

Yahoo Comments  section seems to indicate that people are not buying this storyline

  • 3 hours ago
    Obama, the DNC, and Hillary all knew about the Russian attempts to affect the presidential election but chose to do nothing and did not inform the Trump campaign. They also chose to not inform the Trump campaign they were spying on them. The effect of the meddling was considered a minor inconsequential risk. That all changed with Hillary’s surprise loss of the election she was widely expected to win easily. Hillary and the DNC scrambled for an excuse for her loss. Hillary spent nearly two years blaming a long list of individuals, organizations, and events for her loss. Finally the list of excuses dwindled to Trump collusion with Russia, even though Trump was never told of the evidence of Russian activity, or that he was being spied on by the Obama administration.
  • ZAZA

    2 hours ago

    According to CNN I didnt vote for Clinton cause the Russian Ads dominating Facebook told me not to….
  • I'd

    3 hours ago

    Unless Russia was changing votes in the machines, “at this point, what difference does it make?” Nobody voted for president on social media.
  • kpmb50

    2 hours ago

    So I don’t have FB, Twitter or many social media. I do have CNN, Hollywood and MSM. So how did FB ads make me vote Trump?
  • 2 hours ago
    The one thing I wanted to see out of the Mueller investigation was how did the Russians meddle in our election. So far, all I’ve seen is some suggested hacking, $46,000 in Facebook ads and working with the Clinton Campaign on an Anti-Trump Dossier.


    3 hours ago

    Remember when Clinton used to chide Trump for not being willing to accept the results of the election…..
  • Greg

    3 hours ago

    Didn’t happen to the extend that he said. Hillary lost because of herself. Further, we now know that it was the Chinese that hacked the emails. Lisa Page testified to such this week before the Congressional committee.
  • ken

    1 hour ago

    {We didn’t recognize ‘full scope’ of Russian interference on social media}

    They also didn’t recognize the reaction voters would have when the antics of Hillary and the DNC were revealed.

  • Soap Box

    3 hours ago

    Collusion happened within DNC’s leadership, the only collusion to be found,. In fact, Russia is jealous of their effectiveness.
  • John

    3 hours ago

    When are they going to accept the election results? Like they told the Trump supporters to do before the election.
  • CWO

    3 hours ago

    If You Cannot Provide The Missing Emails, You Don’t Get To Claim Russian Interference, PERIOD! I’m Voting Against Da-Veed Know-Less and Yahoo’s Political Biased Propaganda Based Agenda In November. Save Real America – Not The Media’s Version – In November. A November To Remember – VOTE GOP!!!

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