Hillary Lies List: The Shocking Truth About Clinton’s Deceitful History

Hillary Lies List: The Shocking Truth About Clinton's Deceitful History

Hillary Lies List Continues To Grow

Despite being confronted with the facts, Hillary Clinton has shown no hesitation in continuing to lie. In 2016, she was more suited for a jail cell than the presidency. Such an unpredictable and deceitful person in power would undoubtedly lead to disastrous consequences. Clinton’s tendency to change her positions for political gain indicates her willingness to deceive anyone, even her closest family members. By comparison, Ted Cruz appears to be a much more virtuous and blameless candidate.

Hillary’s sordid legacy of lies

The author criticizes Hillary Clinton’s book, “What Happened”, which he suggests should be titled “Why I Should Have Won” or “Rewriting History”. He accuses Clinton of lying, misleading, and omitting important details in the book. The author highlights the fact that Clinton had classified information removed from secure channels over 100 times and had claimed that none of the emails she sent or received were marked as classified, which was not true.

The author also claims that Clinton’s statement that setting up a private email server was for “convenience” was a lie and that she did it to avoid disclosure. Furthermore, the author claims that Clinton lies about small things, like having séances in the White House to commune with Eleanor Roosevelt’s spirit, as reported by Bob Woodward. The author also accuses Clinton of misleading readers in her book by omitting details about her failure to make a single general-election appearance in Wisconsin. Full Story

More on Hillary Lies List

The late William Safire’s 1996 New York Times column accused Hillary Clinton of being a “congenital liar” and detailed a series of situations where she was caught in obvious lies. Today, Clinton’s shadow hangs over the Michael Sussmann trial in Washington, where she is being exposed as “compelled to mislead” and ensnaring “her subordinates and friends in a web of deceit.” While focusing on factual information and avoiding speculation is important, the Sussmann trial adds important details to a major stain on our national history. The trial proves that the Steele dossier wasn’t Clinton’s only effort to fabricate “evidence” about Trump and Russia. The pattern raises the question of whether there were still other fabricated attempts by Clinton to paint Trump as a traitor that we don’t know about yet. Regardless, it is important to maintain a professional and respectful tone in all interactions and focus on factual information.

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