Hillary Busted; Lying 13 minutes non-stop

Hillary Busted; Lying 13 minutes non-stop

She has the nerve to lie, even when the facts are thrown right in her face. Hillary Clinton for Jail 2016, not president.  If you have a crazy wild person like this in the office, you will get what you asked for. With such a  flip flopper, one thing stands out; she will do and say anything to get elected. This means she will lie to everyone, including here mother, father and anyone that stands in her way.   Compared to her, Ted Cruz looks like an angel and an innocent baby.


Change comes only to those who truly want and seek change and not to those who dream of it. Dreams are for dreamers. If you want a better future, it’s up to you to study the facts and elect the one, you think will do the best job for your country. It’s your country so stand up and resist, resistance is not futile, it’s the backbone of everything a normal person stands for. Stand up or forever be crushed by powers you deem to be too strong for you to resist.


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