Here’s A Guide To Spotting Fake Amazon Reviews

Amazon fake reviews

Online reviews can be useful when you can’t see, touch, or try products before you buy them, like you can in a store — but they’re often manipulated by opportunistic third-party sellers, especially in Amazon’s highly competitive marketplace where positive reviews are their best chance to stand out. While bogus reviews don’t necessarily mean a product sucks, they make it hard for even savvy shoppers to know if the product is actually good or bad. Fake reviews are an indication that you should do extra research before adding the item to your cart.

There are many time-intensive ways to determine whether review manipulation is present — including looking at each reviewer’s rating history and analyzing the language of every review — but here are some telltale, easy-to-spot signs that a product is stacked with fake and paid-for reviews. Keep these tips in mind when you head online to start Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping.

If the product has hundreds of reviews and an average customer rating of five stars, that’s suspicious.
Take a look at this Galaxy S8 screen protector. Click on the link for “609 customer reviews” at the top and, in the reviews section, you’ll see that 100% of those over 600 listed reviews are five stars. That’s usually an indication of review manipulation. Full Story


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