Financial Insights Minus The Rubbish Factor

Financial InsightsThe Tactical Investor Financial Insights project is our way of getting out relevant data, by eliminating the noise factor.

Our goal is to make reading Stock Market News more fun and to get the message in five minutes or less. Wall Street and the government share the same bed; Congress is bought and paid for by the corporate world.

Using the concepts of mass psychology, contrarian investing and technical analysis, we will cut through the Jargon and provide you only with the data you need, minus the nonsense factor.  In essence, this is the goal of the Five Minute Financial Financial Insights endeavour.  Today’s financial outlets focus on Gossip instead of providing financial insights and this is why many of them are losing a huge swath of their readership.

Weaponised News AKA Fake News How to deal with it

Be sceptical of everything. Never accept any claim, story, or news article as 100 per cent true. Leave the door slightly ajar for intellectual escape. Take the stance of a good scientist and remember that all knowledge is provisional. Be humble—you don’t know everything about everything—and cling to a bit of uncertainty in all things so that you never tie yourself too tightly to a concept that might turn out to be a mistake or lie.

Consider the source. While we cannot trust any source completely and without reservation, the reputation of a source is a key step in assessing a news article. One of the first things I do when I encounter a news article, post, or anything online is to look at the source. I rarely, if ever, read the entire text of a news story without first noting the source. Psychology Today


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Russian Inflation tumbles down 50%: Economic outlook improving

Russian Inflation For a long time, we have been stating that the Sell-off in both the Ruble and the Russian ...
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Russian economy improving; Inflation down over 50%

For a long time, we have been stating that the Sell-off in both the Ruble and the Russian stock market ...
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Fed’s Change of Heart could trigger strong rally in 2016

A chicken doesn't stop scratching just because worms are scarce. Grandma Axiom Central bankers have conned the masses (even the ...
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India vs China Economy; Value of Understanding good neighborly relations

India vs China Economy Editor's note: The National People's Congress (NPC), China's top parliamentary body, and the Chinese People's Political ...
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Perfection & Investing: Seeking perfection Recipe for Financial tragedy

One of the great perils of trading is false exactness. Trading is a fuzzy process—and I mean fuzzy in the ...
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Define Fiat Money

Define Fiat Money: The USD Is A Great Example

Fiat and Freedom When someone asks you to define fiat money; the answer is very easy. In simple terms its ...
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Deflation economics

Deflation Economics: The Art of Twisting Data

Deflation economics: Data manipulation at its best. The Bank of Japan has long tried and failed to hit its target ...
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End of US Superpower Status propels Russia to hoard Gold

The average life span of a super power is 250 years, and the U.S has been in this position for ...
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Experts know nothing & why team players always lose

Everyone loves to use the word 'expert' all the time to claim they know something extra or have knowledge of ...
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Collusion How Central Bankers Rigged The World: War On Gold

An empty head is not really empty; it is stuffed with rubbish. Hence the difficulty of forcing anything into an ...
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Where is Gold heading: Jim Sinclair states 50,000 per ounce

Jim Sinclair’s target is insane, to put it mildly; we would like to know how he arrives at this calculation ...
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BTC vs Gold

BTC vs Gold: The Clear Winner Is …

BTC vs Gold: There’s no competition at all This chart is supposed to elicit fear because supposedly the money supply ...
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2016 Market Correction not sequel to stock market crash 2008

Sentiment Analysis states major stock market corrections equate to opportunity. Sol Palha  Stock market crash 2008 & Stock Market Crash ...
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Wall Street Bull: The Dirty Business Model

Wall Street Bull:  Their Business Model is Based on Bull Wall Streets Business model is based on BS as in ...
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Cash is king during Coronavirus Pandemic

Cash is king during Coronavirus Pandemic Based Sell off

When the crowd panics cash is king? We received a lot of emails when the markets were plunging, both from ...
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Stimulus Program: Fed Is Gearing Up For Forever QE

I guess the definition of a lunatic is a man surrounded by them. Ezra Pound Stimulus program Is the Fed ...
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Best Chinese Stocks

Best Chinese stocks: Focus on America Instead of China

Instead of trying to identify the best Chinese Stocks, the astute player would do well to focus on America as ...
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Dow Jones Industrial Average Index Set To Defy Naysayers

Being ignorant is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn. Benjamin Franklin Updated April 2020 Dow Jones ...
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Sexual Immorality on the rise: Tactical Investors Adult Index

Sexual Immorality On The Rise From 2005 to 2006, the index moved from 201-330, a tiny bump compared to the ...
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Strange Weather Pattern

Strange Weather Pattern’s Set to Plague the Planet

As V-readings are so high, we expect wild weather patterns, incredibly insane behaviour in and out of the political arena ...
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Shanghai Composite Index chart Is Not Painting A Nice Picture

Fortune always fights on the side of the prudent. Critias  Aug 2019 Update Posted Towards End of the Article  Shanghai ...
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