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Millennials Hesitant to Go All-in on Digital Advice

Editor: Johnathan Meyers | Tactical Investor   Millennials Hesitant to Go All-in on Digital Advice Let’s quickly look at the top article of the week before getting into the current story. 90% of individuals are now part of the “polarised equation” and therefore the crowd is going to be very easy to manipulate. If you … Read more

Money 101: How to protect your future financial security

Editor: Draco Copper | Tactical Investor Money 101 We discovered that our readers loved the concept of us posting excerpts to other interesting articles. In keeping with that theme, we think you will find the following article to be of interest. We cover a wide array of topics as in today’s world of finance everything … Read more

Millennials Are Stressed And Broke

Millennials Are Stressed And Broke Of the respondents who answered, more than half of all millennials and Gen X respondents said that they were stressed “some” or “a lot” about their credit card, personal loan, or student loan debts: Of the 51.5% of millennials who have credit card debt, 67.4% are stressed Of the 54.5% … Read more

Benefits Of Home Schooling: US Education System equivalent to Rubbish

Benefits of Homeschooling The benefits become apparent once you see how Broken our education system is Our education system is in the broken; the main driving force seems to brainwash individuals and produce people that lack diversity or imagination. In fact, the idea of “biological robot” comes to mind. No longer is the Child allowed … Read more

US Education System:Today’s education On Par with Garbage

US Education System on par with garbage Today’s education is on par with garbage, you enter the institute sane and walk out insane.  They control who you are, and how you think; in other words, be a good robot. Apps such as Facebook or face-crack sedate individuals even more and then you have reality shows which … Read more