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Reflation Rebuttal?

Notice a trend here; the herd always needs something to fret about. The media understands this, so they churn out bombastic stories. If there was no demand for this rubbish, the press would stop dishing it. Now that the COVID hysteria is tapering down, the masses need something new to focus on; the latest issue … Read more

Margin Debt: Is it out of control?

Once the Dow challenges 33,000 or the Nasdaq trades past 14.5K, it will move to the “low level” mode. Market Update March 11, 2021 The Dow traded past 33,000, so we have officially crossed to the low-level mode we spoke of in the last update. Henceforth, the Dow shedding 2400 to 3000 points should be … Read more

Stock Market Cycles: When to buy & when to sit

90% of traders/investors assume there are only two stages in the markets, buy and sell. There is a time to buy, a time to sell and a time to sit and wait. We are almost at the “sit and wait” stage. During this phase, the overall market pulls back or specific sectors pullback. Sector-specific corrections … Read more

Stock Market History and Market Crashes

History is clear on this topic; the masses never learn. From the Tulip mania to the Coronavirus Pandemic crash, nothing has changed. The masses panic when they should be bullish and turn bullish when caution is warranted. If you walk away with only one thing from today’s update, walk away with this piece of data; … Read more

Stock Market Fear Index: The Crowd is still nervous

If fear starts to seep in, remember this. We have a very aggressive Fed, and their only purpose now is to stabilise the market at any cost. Why would they do this? AI is going to continue wiping out jobs at a mind-numbing rate; the current action is a prelude to the massacre that lies … Read more

Can the US Stock Market & US dollar Trade-in Tandem?

Yes, they can, foreigners looking for stability will move money into the US stock market, they win on both ends, gains from the dollar and via the stock market. For now, the US will continue to rule the roost. As you can see, there are many occasions where the Dow and the dollar have rallied … Read more

How To Add Images To PHPBB Forum

  How To Add Images To PHPBB Forum Posts The process of adding images to your PHPBB Forum posts is rather simple and straight forward.   The first step is to visit this site, IMGBB  The second step is to click on the upload images button as shown in the image below.  Before we continue you … Read more

Dow jones trends: Sharp Corrections Should Be Embraced

American households are socking away large sums of cash amid economic uncertainties later this year such as a new wave of COVID-19 and the post presidential election aftermath. US consumers built up an astounding $12.5 trillion in excess of savings from April through July, according to new research by Morgan Stanley economist Ellen Zentner. This … Read more

Stock market trends 2020 and Beyond

On the same token, the reason so many Magellan fund subscribers lost was that they were trying to outdo Lynch. They sold when the going got tough and purchased the fund when everything looked rosy; the perfect recipe for destruction. Market Update Sept 20, 2020 Create an image of the sentence above in your mind, … Read more

Herd Behavior Always Leads To A Negative Outcome

Herd Behavior: The Gift That Always Rewards With Loss Traders that are driven by fear lose on both ends of the trade; they don’t short the markets or go long. Shorting the markets is not a recommended course of action when the trend is positive. However, at least one is attempting to do something, instead … Read more