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Federal reserve bank definition equates to Deception & Fraud

Federal reserve bank definition

Federal reserve bank definition

Most people do not even know this, but the Federal Reserve is not even a federal entity, it’s a private entity, the name Federal was used to give it the look and feel of legitimacy. However, it is far from legitimate; bankers control and own the Federal Reserve System.

Central banks refuse to have their books audited; making absurd arguments that it would interfere with their independence.  This video clearly illustrates how evil the Fed is and how Congress and the Fed are sharing the same bed. They also lend money to anyone without disclosing to the public if the governments or corporations are giving money to have sufficient assets to back them.

Central bankers use monetary policy, in the same manner, a madman would use weapons of mass destruction. The ability to control the money supply and create boom and bust cycles is the ultimate weapon and its force is incredibly destructive.  Look at how Former Fed head Bernake lies through his teeth about the implications of a Fed Audit

Line of Attack

You can mount an attack, but you need to understand how these bad players work.  You can sign up for a free newsletter to learn how to gain mastery over the information necessary to protect yourself, or you can join our service and let us do the work for you.

In the interim, understand that every market correction is a buying opportunity because the Fed will not allow the markets to crash. They have unlimited amounts of Fiat Money to support these markets with, and they need to prop the markets up for they need to give the impression that all is well. The masses even though they know something is wrong, feel that things will get better when they see stocks trending upwards. This emotion is called hope and hope runs eternal; it is this weapon that the money brokers utilise against the masses. As long as they can maintain the illusion of hope, they can continue robbing the masses, and no one will be the wiser.

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