Fake ISIS Beheadings-True or false you be the Judge

Fake ISIS Beheadings-True or false you be the Judge

Were the beheadings the media spoke of fake. some experts think so and some of these videos to provide what appears to be relevant information that does seem to support the outlook that all is not well.  What we do know is that the media has twisted the story tremendously regarding ISIS and its activities in Syria. If we throw in the lies we were told about the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war, the Libya liberation program (which was a total failure) then the credibility of the press and the U.S. Government is resting on a very think sledge of ice. Take a look at these video’s and draw your own conclusions.

 CIA Asset News Reporter Admits All News is FAKE! Reporters are Bought Off


ISIS video beheading is fake

In this video, the presenter claims that if the beheadings are real, it would imply that we have two suns and not one.  Also, note the rather relaxed look on the victims face. If you were about to have your head chopped, most would not have such calm looks on their face.


Now a separate video that shows you how sexual violence is spiralling out of control in Germany


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