Erdogan attacks Reporters In U.S

Gestapo Erdogan backer of ISIS attacks Reporters In U.S

Erdogan Attacks Reporters In  U.S

Protestors were waiting outside a planned speech at the Brooking Institution on Thursday. Erdogan put his repressive tactics on full display. Apparently, this terrorist forgot that he was not in Turkey, and his goon squad started attacking protestors.  One can only imagine the suffering and repression they undergo in Turkey.

Witnesses stated that Turkish security forces kicked on journalist, forcibly removed another and threw a third on the sidewalk.  WTF, why were these insane Turks not arrested for committing crimes against U.S citizens;  this is not Turkey; this is the U.S, supposedly the bastion of Freedom, yet it appears that we are bending over backwards for this killer.

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In all, the confrontations are just a small taste of what journalists in Turkey face every day, in the past few weeks alone, Erdogan’s government — which is a NATO ally and a major player in the fight against ISIS — has raided and seized control of Turkey’s biggest newspaper and dispersed protesters with water cannons, tear gas, and rubber bullets. Erdogan’s government has also brought two prominent journalists to trial behind closed doors, and although the trial was adjourned until April 1st after opposition lawmakers refused to leave, the two still face life imprisonment if convicted. Even while Erdogan was still giving his speech at Brookings, there were reports that another Turkish academic, Meral Camcı, was arrested.

Erdogan had his monkey Parliment pass an insane law that is ambiguous as its insane; this law states that it is illegal to make fun of the ““the Turkish nation”. What in fact, it really means is don’t you dare question or make fun or challenge Erdogan the dictator.

Erdogan went after a doctor who tweeted images comparing him to Gollum from Lord of the Rings. The doctor lost his job and had to go on trial.  Not satisfied with that Erdogan decided to chase a student who was also prosecuted for tweeting jokes about Erdogan.

Press freedom in Turkey has declined steadily for the past five years, with its freedom of press rating sliding from “partly free” to “not free.” Broadly defined anti-terrorism laws are frequently used to target journalists, and in recent months, have also been used to round up dissenting academics. Additionally, a 2014 law significantly lowered the bar of the requirements to block websites. In 2014, Turkey filed five times as many content-removal requests to Twitter, which is incredibly popular with Turkish citizens, than any other country.To read full story click here


The U.S should demonstrate that we truly stand for freedom of the press and not kiss the butt of this criminal, ISIS leader, child killer, and all around corrupt person.  The only way to deal with guys like him is to give him a taste of his own medicine. Instead, we support this guy and what does this tell the world, that we don’t practise what we preach, that we don’t stand by our friends, that we protect tyrants and seek to repress freedom.

From an investment perspective, this means wars are going to gain traction in the Middle East as no arms race is in progress and sadly arms manufacturers are the ones that will benefit from this process.


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