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Rothschild’s, Zionism, CIA & Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi all Connected

The videos below illustrate how the New World order purposely creates tensions between different religions to pass draconian laws and regulations, under the guise of helping the locals.  This strategy has worked remarkably well and continues to do so because the masses are asleep.  The end goal is to create a new system whereby the … Read more

Merkel to Refugees: Money for nothing and chicks for free

Okay, so we wanted to add some humour to an otherwise humourless situation.  Merkel opened the door to the worst of the worst when she essentially forced Europe to take in millions of unvetted refugees. Immigrants are fine, but you need to vet them; a filtration process is necessary especially when you are dealing with … Read more

American woes, worthless dollars forces USA to Engage Russia

One of the reasons the U.S has engaged Russia is that it has made it a mission to wean itself from the dollar.  This does not sit well with the U.S for many other nations could follow in Russia’ footsteps as it is a dominant and powerful player in the energy sector. More importantly, Russia … Read more

The Real News: the Story Behind The Story

Real news minus the propaganda angle  What is real news?  Today we live in a World where most of the news we receive is not about what is going on in the world, but more about what sells. In other words, sensationalism, and lies are sexy, so that is the theme.  Make it dramatic even … Read more

America supported over 35 countries with fascist governments

The U.S pretends to support freedom and promote democracy; the reality, however, is the stark opposite. It seems to favour, drug lords, weapons dealers, murders and fascist governments. Let’s look at few of the recent events Maidan in Kiev This was a peaceful protest that turned deadly the moment the U.S. intervened. It was insane … Read more

Most Violent Countries: America Number 1 For International Violence

Most Violent Countries: USA Top of the Food Chain America has caused more wars than any other nation over the past 50 years. It has supported governments that have brutally oppressed and tortured their people.  Instead of becoming a beacon of light after it took the title from Britain it has decided to embark on … Read more

America ranks at bottom of happiest countries in the world

Once upon a time, the US ranked in the top five consistently, and then in dropped to number 10 and after that, the slide has been fast and furious.  In 2013, it ranked at 12 and in 2014 it dropped to 23, in 2015 it will probably shed even more weight. What is interesting is … Read more

EU stands to benefit by Granting China free market status

By Tom McGregor, CNTV Commentator China’s opening up and reform in the past few decades stand as a testament to its “free market status.” Beijing encourages private enterprises to invest, operate and thrive here. It’s a powerhouse trading country too, which welcomes imports from abroad and expects foreign markets to open up to China’s exports … Read more

China Rewards Moderate Muslims & Harshly Punishes Radicals

Does China treat all Muslims badly?   According to Al Jezzera, the answer appears to be no; they seem to deal very harshly with radicals and implement laws that are meant to send a message to the radicals.  The Hui Muslims are treated fairly, no bans are placed on them, and they live in harmony … Read more

Downed Su-24 shows U.S treachery & Sweden experiences anti immigration surge

Putin, Parliament Deputy Point to American Treachery in Shot-Down Bomber After a Russian SU-24 bomber was shot down from the rear in the disputed airspace between Turkey and Syria by two fighter jets of a NATO-member country last week—an act that was dubbed “a stab in the back” by Vladimir Putin—both Russian politicians and the … Read more