Did Trump expose New World Order Agenda

Did Trump expose New World Order Agenda in 2013?

Did Trump expose the New World Order?

You can call Trump a loudmouth, narcissistic and maybe power-hungry.  We will not debate whether these traits or accusations are actual or not. In some way, almost every person is selfish to a degree. Some take this simple narcissism to the next level.  A perfect example is our famous war-mongering president; no, it’s not Bush, it’s none other than Obama. Ironically, this guy was given the Nobel Prize for Peace; the Nobel prize for Narcissism would have probably been more fitting.

What we can say about Trump is that he had no reason to state that the War in Iraq was a total Disaster or that everything coming from Washington lies back in 2013. He was not running for president then, and these comments do not improve his position with the insider. To some degree, he took on some risk in going entirely against the inside crowd. He called President Bush’s and Obama’s Policies in Iraq a disaster.

Trump might not be perfect, he might be a loudmouth, and he might be somewhat Narcissistic, but he says what the masses want to say but are unable to display, and he says it loudly.  He resonates with many individuals because he has allowed them to be heard.  One thing is sure: Trump as president, will do something no other president has dared to do.

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