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Democrat vs Republican: Part of the Same Deck of Cards

Democrat vs Republican

With the Democrats, the theme will be to help the people at any cost; in other words, pump as much money into the markets. The only difference between Democrats and Republicans is the outlet they use for pushing money into the markets, other than that they are both skunks, and it’s hard to tell which group stinks more. Democrat vs Republican, is a moot argument as they are part of the same deck.

We also have an unhinged Fed at the helm, and they now have the green light to push the printing press into hyperdrive. Most individuals fail to understand that only one thing destroys freedom (at least in modern times) is Fiat; all the other factors that people rant and rave about are just symptoms of the disease. Fiat is the main reason Americans and all the individuals in the West will lose their freedom. We have repeated this many times over the years. Fiat is more potent than 1000 standing armies and while the amount of money created so far appears monstrous, it’s nothing to what lies in store. The US National Debt is likely to soar to $100 trillion before the masses even start to acknowledge that we have a problem. And by then the average joe is very likely to be jacked into zombie land, using a combo of psychotropic drugs and or Augmented reality technologies to deal with his or her problems. The only emotion that is potentially more powerful than Fear is Pleasure.

The top players are masters when it comes to controlling the narrative. Now they have full control of the Fear cycle, but soon they will also control the Pleasure cycle, via psychotropic drugs and super marijuana. And once they do its effectively game over for the average person. And they say the good guys always win, yeah maybe in movies, but in reality, the bad guy walks away with the pot of honey. But this is very important; there is also the observer; though very few individuals fall into this category. Observers can collect the honey that the Big players miss. When you add all the little pots of honey that these players will miss in their haste to get as much as possible within the shortest period, some observers can collectively walk away with just as much. Those that don’t wear their emotions on their sleeves and observe the situation from a distance stand to make out like bandits. Believe it or not, the big players favour those that can see through all the BS they create, that is why they provide clues and loopholes, but this data is only available to those that are willing to look and are not besieged by panic.

Fear alters the brains chemistry:

In chronically stressed or anxious children, the brain’s fear center sends signals to the decision-making part of the brain that make it harder to regulate negative emotions, according to new research from the Stanford University School of Medicine.The findings, which was published Apr 21 in Biological Psychiatry, come from the first study to use brain scans to examine how emotion-regulation circuits are changed by, come from the first study to use brain scans to examine how emotion-regulation circuits are changed by anxiety and chronic stress in children. The children studied were 10 or 11 years old, a developmental stage when vulnerability to mood-regulation disorders, such as anxiety and depression, becomes entrenched.

The study used functional magnetic resonance imaging to examine the nature of the signals between two parts of the brain: the amygdalae, almond-shaped nerve clusters on the right and left sides of the brain that function as its fear centers; and the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, a brain region involved in executive functions such as decision making and emotion regulation. “The more anxious or stress-reactive an individual is, the stronger the bottom-up signal we observed from the amygdala to the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex,” said the study’s senior author, Vinod Menon, PhD, the Rachael L. and Walter F. Nichols, MD, Professor and professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences. “This indicates that the circuit is being hijacked in more anxious children, and it suggests a common marker underlying these two clinical measures, anxiety and stress reactivity.”

And these children will be tomorrow’s decision-makers; imagine the effects the COVID pandemic/hysteria will have on them in the years to come. Pavlovian type training yields the best results if the subjects are young, and the effects will be far-reaching as this experiment was conducted globally.

And based on this study; it appears cannabis helps one cope with anxiety; coincidence or perfect timing?

Earlier studies had suggested that blocking the FAAH enzyme could decrease fear and anxiety by increasing endocannabinoids. (That’s consistent with the decreased anxiety some experience after smoking marijuana.) In 2009, Hariri’s lab found that a common variant in the human FAAH gene leads to decreased enzyme function with affects on the brain’s circuitry for processing fear and anxiety.In the new study, Andrew Holmes’ group at the National Institute on Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse tested the effects of a drug that blocks FAAH activity in fear-prone mice that had also been trained to be fearful through experiences in which they were delivered foot shocks.

Moving away from the Democrat’s vs Republican debate to a quick look at the markets

According to the Tactical Investor Alternative Dow Theory, the Dow utilities lead the way up or down. Interestingly, while our indicators are pulling back (almost in the extremely oversold ranges), the utilities are trending higher. This current action indicates/suggests that the markets might experience a mild correction, but the odds of specific sectors experiencing brutal corrections is relatively high. We also need to remember that this market is no longer respecting old norms. While our alternative Dow theory has performed incredibly well since we first mentioned it (roughly) in 2006, 2021 might be the year we see a divergence. We are monitoring this development and several other developments closely. On the bright side, once the IDU closes above 83.00 on a monthly basis, it will virtually guarantee that the Dow is on its way to test the 36K to 38K ranges with an overshoot to the 40,5000 to 42,000 ranges. For those looking for more information on the Tactical Investor Alternative Dow theory, visit this link

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