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German Sexual Violence Skyrocketing Thanks to Merkel

by Vlad Rothstein  As we stated many years ago, religious wars would skyrocket and we continued to report this over the years. In 2014 and 2015 we stated that our religious provocation index had hit the red zone; translation, all hell was going to break loose and that is exactly what happened.  The stupid policy … Read more

ISIS Militants Kill 250 Women For Not Having Sex With Them

For Not Having Sex With Them: ISIS Will Kill You This story will sicken the toughest of men.  These ruthless extremist bastards prey on women, but the punishment is as brutal as the act of rape. Refusal to become their sex slaves results in death.  This time, they killed 250 women. What kind of life … Read more

Tyrant Erdogan seizes six churches declaring them State Property

  Little wannabe dictator Erdogan fresh from getting a beating off his life from Putin has decided once again to fight people that don’t fight back.  He is now targeting churches in his bid to radicalise the country and make it a hotbed for the next religious wars.  The weak yellow-bellied leaders in Europe, instead of throwing … Read more

Goldman Sachs pays 5 Billion & Settles Mortgage Fraud Charges

Once again we have a clear case of the rich being allowed to get away with murder.  Goldman was at the forefront of the subprime mortgage crisis, yet it takes years for our court systems to bring any form of justice to the table. And when it attempts to deliver a so-called Just verdict it … Read more

Negative Interest Rates Fantastic For Speculators

Negative Interest Rates Lagarde had the audacity to state that negative interest rates are good for the global economy. I guess, she forgot about all those people who are on fixed incomes and for whom a small move up or down can mean the difference from making ends meet or not. Instead, she goes on … Read more

Jordanian King States Terrorists flow to Europe is Erdogan’s Policy

Jordan’s King Abdullah said that Turkish President Tayyip Recep Erdogan “believes in a radical Islamic solution to the problems in the region.”  And t “that terrorists are going to Europe is part of Turkish policy, and Turkey keeps getting a slap on the hand, but they get off the hook.” There we have it from one … Read more

Superpower endgame: More businesses dying than being created first time ever

Superpower endgame: More businesses dying than being created first time ever It seems we are finally witnessing the devastating power of  Obamanomics. More companies are dying or filing for bankruptcy than are being created for the first time, and yet the administration claims all is well.  According to a study conducted by the  Brookings Institution, things are … Read more

Tensions escalating in South China Sea’s; Indonesia takes stance against China

Indonesia’s Defense minister used some Harsh words in describing the intent behind the deployment of F-16’s to the Natuna Island.   He said that they were deploying them to protect themselves against “thieves”,  few weeks after Chinese coast guard vessels clashed an Indonesian Vessel that captured one of the illegal Chinese Vessels in the area. “Natuna is a … Read more

2 Trillion Mega fund; Saudi’s end of oil Era plan wishful thinking

First of all, we would like to state that Prince Mohammed Bin Salman skills as financial manager leave a lot to be desired. His foreign policy and military forays have been total disasters. In Yemen, his troops can barely handle  badly equipped Houthis and their foray in Syria completely backfired after Putin intervened.  Against this backdrop, … Read more

China dumping worthless dollars & buying Gold bullion

Naysayers and Doctors of doom were busy stating that all Hell was breaking loose in China.  What many of these penguins failed to understand or even realise is that there are many reasons China’s reserves were dropping.  The reserves are in worthless Dollars; China wants to diversify so it was moving money out of dollars … Read more