Hillary Clinton’s Questionable economic policy

Hillary Clinton's Questionable economic policy

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The truth is irrelevant in this instance if only you are the only one aware of it; if the masses think otherwise, then no matter what you say, nothing will change their mind.  What appears as the truth to you could be viewed as a lie by the crowd.  The truth can set you free, but in most cases, it can be detrimental to your health and wealth, at least as far as the markets are concerned.  ”  BBC Global 30 Index Signals Dow industrial Index will trend higher

Hillary Clinton’s Questionable economic policy

The overall message: she essentially wants to continue and expand the delusional economic policies of President Obama, who will be the first president in recorded economic history to serve an eight-year term without at least one year in which economic growth exceeded 3 per cent. His best year was 2.5 per cent growth in 2010.

President Obama never made economic growth a top priority. Instead, his main goal was to cure perceived social injustices by raising taxes on the highest-income earners and then transferring that money to people who didn’t earn it through social programs like free or subsidized health care.

Even though the White House forecast that economic growth would average about 4 per cent between 2011 and 2014, the actual growth figure was about 2 per cent. This, coupled with the substantial increase in part-time workers due to the 30-hour work-week limit defined in the Affordable Care Act, has resulted in worsening income inequality, worsening poverty rates and a decline in the standard of living for the middle class.

 Questionable Economic Policy Sparks Debate Among Economists

Furthermore, sustained economic growth can address various economic issues, from boosting employment and wages to decreasing reliance on social programs. Additionally, innovation and competitiveness can be achieved through growth, thus improving trade and reducing income inequality. Clinton’s proposal to increase wages to stimulate growth through minimum wage hikes is flawed and impractical. Full Story

Why this scientist thinks the Democrats have to fight dirty

The article argues that during the 2016 US presidential election, conservatives felt compelled to support Donald Trump, despite his apparent incompetence, because the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency was too ruinous to contemplate. However, there was no comparable rallying cry for Democrats and liberals. That is, until the publication of David Faris’s book, “It’s Time to Fight Dirty.”

Faris, a political scientist at Roosevelt University, contends that the Democratic Party must acknowledge that Republicans are not engaging in a policy fight but rather, a “procedural war.” Over the past two decades, Republicans have exploited the vagueness of the Constitution to establish structural advantages for their side, including discriminatory voter ID laws, gerrymandering districts, blocking Democratic Supreme Court nominees, and other tactics.

According to Faris, Democrats must recognize this reality and act accordingly, particularly now that Republicans are on the verge of securing control of the Supreme Court for a generation. The article’s author contacted Faris to learn more about his proposed solutions. Full Story

 Focusing on presidential politics

The Democrats face two distinct challenges: their presidential politics are in good shape, but their state-level politics are not. Despite a flawed candidate in a closely divided nation where it’s unusual for a party to hold the presidency for more than two terms, the Democrats nearly won. However, their performance in state elections has been poor. The Republicans control 32 state legislatures, while the Democrats only have 13 (mainly in the northeast, west coast, and Illinois). The remaining five are evenly split.. Full Story

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