Crooked Hillary Busted Again: FBI Finds 15,000 New emails

Crooked Hillary Busted

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Crooked Hillary Busted?

Let’s look at the article of the week before we get into the Hillary story.

Central bankers have embraced the era of negative rates, and this experiment will not end until we have another currency crisis.  Who knows when this will occur? What we do know is that many of those who were dead certain this would transpire in their lifetime are no longer here.  One clue that something is amiss will be when the masses move into the euphoric camp, and they are a long way from that zone.

One would think after the market surged to new highs, the number of individuals in the bullish camp would soar, but no such luck. In fact, our proprietary “anxiety index” reveals that the crowd has remained in the circle of “fear zone “and has not moved into the calm zone once in the past six months.  Data reveals that the crowd has been unusually pessimistic for an extended period. Unloved Stock Market Bull Destined To Trend Higher

 So Is Crooked Hillary Busted?

Comey made the following comments, which indicates that Hillary Clinton was less than forthright with the evidence was asked to provide. In other words, she saw fit not to discuss several thousand emails, which according to her were related to family matter such as yoga and other rubbish.

“We found those additional emails in a variety of ways,” Comey explained in July. “Some had been deleted over the years, and we found traces of them on devices that supported or were connected to the private e-mail domain. Others we found by reviewing the archived government e-mail accounts of people who had been government employees at the same time as Secretary Clinton … Still others we recovered from the laborious review of the millions of email fragments dumped into the slack space of the server decommissioned in 2013.”

Comey went on to state the following, which seems to suggest that Hillary did not follow protocol

“several thousand work-related emails that were not in the group of 30,000 that were returned by Secretary Clinton to State in 2014.” Three of those several thousand emails were classified at the time they were sent or received, he said. ABC News

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