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Corrupt Mexican President & Psychological Data manipulation

Corrupt Mexican President & Psychological Data manipulation

 President Enrique Pena Nieto has finally decided to apologise and admitted that he made a mistake over his wife’s grandiose purchase of  $7 million mansion from a government contractor while putting his pen to anti-corruption legislation. Wait a second; it took him so long to admit wrongdoing; he has the nerve to call the corruption in Mexico as a “social Cancer”. Well, the way to deal with cancer is to cut it out, and since he is part and parcel of this cancer, he should be taken out of the equation too.  The guy is not sorry, he is just sorry his wife got busted in the process, and he was trying to deny wrong doing right to the end. Bottom line the loser should be canned.

Pena Nieto enacted the new National Anti-Corruption System aimed at fighting what he described as the “social cancer” afflicting Mexico, but he also used the occasion to address a two-year-old scandal.

While he said that he acted according to the law in the so-called “White House” scandal, Pena Nieto said public servants are “responsible for the perception that we create through what we do and, in that sense, I admit that I made a mistake.”

“I felt the irritation among Mexicans. I understand it perfectly. For that reason, I humbly asked them for forgiveness,” said Pena Nieto, whose approval rating has sunk to 30 percent.The “White House” scandal erupted in November 2014, when a news report found that his wife, former soap opera star Angelica Rivera, had bought the mansion in Mexico City from a government contractor. Rivera later said she would sell the house and an investigation by an official appointed by Pena

Nieto concluded that there was no conflict of interest in the purchase. Full Story

When someone apologises two years later, they are not sorry; the chap is scared of losing power, so he will say anything to try to hold onto the reins of power. We spoke of this trend many moons ago, and since we did, it’s obvious that people are doing anything to score a buck.  The main culprit for this is hot money; hot money is killing the average person’s purchasing power. People have to struggle more and more to get less and less. Such an environment fosters nothing but terrible thoughts and even worse regarding deeds.  Get used to this environment for it’s not set to change soon. Look at Judge Ginsburg, the next day she apologises for her comments. Come on she knew what she was doing the moment she opened her mouth, but she also knows that she can get away with saying oops I am sorry the next day.  The only point you need to draw from this story is that this trend will continue, and it is also indicative that even more, hot money will flow into these markets.

The psychological data the manipulators are getting from trying these new experiments is positive, so they will continue to manipulate events, markets, etc. to maintain the illusion all is well while enslaving the populace more and more with the passage of each day.  What enslavement do you ask in astonishment?  Notice how the ranks of people on food stamps have continued to swell every single year since the markets bottomed out in 2009; 46 million Americans depend on food stamps today.  The more people that need government handouts to survive the more control you have of the masses. Now throw in brutal rules and viola you have almost achieved total control. Compared life before 9/11 Americans are no longer free and with all these privacy stripping rules imposed the world is not any safer; in fact, the opposite has occurred.  Remember the days you could get onto a plane without showing any ID; you could even buy someone else’s ticket and fly with it. And surprisingly everything was fine; today with all these insane rules, we have even more terrorist attacks.  Well, those days of freedom are gone, and they have been replaced by a government that wants to step on your toes and will eventually demand to step on your throat.

We must note that the opposite is coming to pass in Asia and other areas that experienced Iron-fisted governments. The pendulum is swinging in another direction.  The sad part of all this is that the masses in Europe and the US are readily going to surrender their freedom and yours in the process.

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