Contrarian Investing

Learn how to become a better contrarian Investor by utilizing these simple time test techniques.

Financial Newsletter Services: Why Do They Lie?

Financial Newsletter Services: Lies &More? Our prime directive or main area of focus at the  Tactical Investor is on the topic of  Mass Psychology and on a secondary basis, we allocate some time to Technical analysis.  We don’t pay much attention to the news nor do we seek to recreate the news as many outlets … Read more

Bear Stock Market Investors Get Smashed: What’s Else Is New

  Bear Stock Market Investors Get Smashed These excerpts from Past Market updates reveal how in real-time we warned our subscribers that the Naysayers were full of hot air. Every single one of our gauges is now in the extreme ranges indicating that panic is rampant and that everyone expects the markets to crash, the … Read more

U.S Superpower End Game: Russia and china on Gold buying Spree

Russia and China Continue To Forge Stronger Ties Central bankers have been on a massive Gold Buying Spree led by Russia and China.  One must remember that not only is Putin ex-KGB, but he is also an economist and holds a black belt in judo.  Judo teaches you to use your opponent’s momentum to defeat … Read more

Fake Currency: Central banks Print money & buy bullion with it

He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away. Raymond Hull Fake Currency Every major currency in the world falls under the category of fake currency and the reason is simple. The governments print new money whenever they see fit and there is nothing to back this newly created currency other than … Read more

Saving for retirement: Invest in stocks & retire rich

The single most valuable piece of information anyone can give you when it comes to the markets is to master control of your emotions.  Gaining control does not mean you do not feel the emotion; it simply means that you recognise the emotions of fear and euphoria are useless energy-draining emotions that have no place … Read more

Stock Bubble Leads to A buying Opportunity

Riches come to those who seek it and not chase it. To those who chase it, rags are the only reward.  Sol Palha How to avoid a stock Bubble The average person regardless of their education or lack off usually is on the receiving end of the stick when it comes to investing in the … Read more

Investing For Kids Dummies Guide 2020

Investing For Kids The basic principles of Mass Psychology, Mob psychology, and contrarian investing, clearly indicate that being a lemming is extremely dangerously for your financial health. If you wish to maintain a healthy portfolio you simply cannot afford to be a lemming; there is no other way to put it. The masses (Lemmings) are … Read more

Federal Reserve Bank Will Shock Markets; Expect Monstrous rally

Federal Reserve Bank Is Going To Flood the System With Cash Central bankers are too smart to allow such a foolish thing to occur; they purposely orchestrate a few moves that appear stupid in nature to give the hard money fools some respite so that they can feel vindicated after all these decades of being … Read more

Top Gold stocks to invest in 2016

[color-box color=”blue”]Gold has closed above 1230 and indicating that a bottom is in or that one is close at hand.  The trend has turned neutral from negative thus giving Gold a much-needed boost to potentially test the 1350 ranges. India however, dealt the gold markets a negative blow by maintain the tax on Gold and … Read more

Religion is a scam But Religious wars set to rip Europe Apart

Religion is a scam But That Won’t Stop The Coming Religious War The blocks are being set Worldwide for a massive religious war. We see this taking place in Syria right now, especially in Aleppo, where you have the insane house of Saud backing the equally deranged Erdogan. Erdogan must be really livid that all … Read more