New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Faces Health Challenges

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Released From Hospital

Dec 2020

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been released from the hospital after spending a week being treated for COVID-19. He had tested positive for the virus on October 3rd, the same day he announced he was checking himself into Morristown Medical Center. Christie, an advisor to President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, thanked the medical staff in a tweet and said he would have more to say about his experience with the virus next week.

The former governor had only experienced mild symptoms but had a history of asthma, leading him to take this “important precautionary measure” by entering the hospital. Several allies of the president, including Christie, have tested positive for the virus recently.


Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie recently revealed that he spent a week in the intensive care unit before recovering from COVID-19, imploring Americans to take the pandemic seriously.

He urged everyone to wear masks and follow CDC guidelines, saying that the virus can be “wildly random and potentially deadly.” Christie admitted to making mistakes by not wearing a mask at the Amy Coney Barrett announcement and multiple debate prep sessions with President Trump.

Christie’s warning contrasts Trump’s message of not fearing COVID-19. In his statement, Christie calls for leadership that challenges and trusts the American people to follow the best public health practices while reopening businesses.

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